Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Y are there no gemstones beginning with Y?

So, having searched and found none I thought instead I just show a few of my other stones with a teensy line or two giving their properties.

I love the shape of this Coral. As you might imagine, the deep red symbolises blood and so this stone is meant to be good for the life force and for the blood. It gives wearers of Coral joy and happiness helping you to enjoy life to the full.

This is Hematite which looks a lot like a metal. Strong and giving strength, so it is useful if you are timid. Also useful for legal situations.

Rhodonite can be pink or red, this one is pink. Emotional healer, clearing away emotional wounds. Also good for insect bites and reduces scarring. Helps if you have trouble with your hearing.

The Tiger's Eye helps with practical perception so aiding with resolving dilemmas and conflicts within yourself.  Balances the Yin and Yang. As you might imagine with something using the word Eye in it's name, it is said to help with eye problems and also with night vision. Gemstones were often given names which reflected their uses.

Dalmation Jaspers, so called because of their spots. This stone brings out the playfulness in us, appealing to the child inside us. Also very good for children helping remove their fears and worries.

Blue Lace Agate. I wish my photo was better but try as I might I couldn't remove the glare and must learn more about my camera. This is a very pretty pale blue stone which reflects back at you. Very healing, nurturing and supporting. Removes fears of being rejected or suppressed, feelings we may have been holding onto since childhood, even from our parents, so we are able to open up more fully and finally relax.

I apologise for being a day late with this and will shortly be adding the last post in the challenge. Good luck to you all in finishing.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Daydreamer - if you talk of allotments under Z you must be in the UK I deduce?

Well done on finishing the A-Z .. and I'll be over to visit more often - well I'll do my best! Such is life .. and I'll be back to read more ..

Interesting to learn a little more about your gems .. love the red coral and the dalmation jaspers .. I spent a few years in South Africa and loved seeing the stones there ..

Cheers to you - Hilary