Monday, 15 April 2013


Another powerful stone which should be used with caution both spiritually and physically. If used on the skin place a cloth under it and then only if it has been polished or tumbled, if used spiritually you need to remember that this stone will enhance any feelings or emotions you are getting.

It's an important healing stone, believed that it will become one of the most important healing stones and that it is still evolving. It'll help to remove any negativity in the user, in this way it's beneficial to people battling depression or have had emotional abuse and helps break unwanted ties whilst removing past traumas. It'll help balance any mood swings you might get.

If you want more excitement in your life then carry this stone around with you as it helps to live life more intensely  bringing adventure into your life. Watch out as it encourages risk taking which can be good but do take care, won't you, if you carry this stone. But it does bring change and is a stone of transformation in the user. If you already have been wanting this new energy and adventure it'll show what has been blocking you from going forward with these ideas - but, it might show you what the reasons were that you might not have wanted to see.

Malachite is very good for guarding against radiation and if you live near a radiation source then having one in the house can be very beneficial. It helps clear electromagnetic pollution, and there's plenty of that in the air these days. It is grounding and heals earth energies with a good affinity with nature.

One more thing, it's been called the midwife stone as it helps with childbirth pains and also alleviates menstrual cramps, pmt and the menopause, and is also a protector of children. There are many other uses of this stone as it is a very powerful one - and remember - if you use it take care.


Kieron Walker said...

I've always loved Geology, but I am really loving the direction you're taking with your theme.

You've got information that I never would have known had I not stopped by here. It makes me want to go out and get a collection just in case I need any of them in the future.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

At the moment, I have all the excitement I can handle! Maybe it will be a good pick-me-up after the Challenge.

Cindy said...

What an interesting theme for the A to Z challenge. I sure could use this stone.

DayDreamer said...

Kieron, they are useful and an attractive ornamentation, too.

Alex, you are doing so brilliantly in the A-Z, don't overdo yourself, now :)

Cindy, thanks for that nice comment.