Saturday, 13 April 2013

Lapis Lazuli

This is a beautiful blue stone with flecks of gold and white and I apologise for my appalling photo of mine which doesn't do it justice. For those lucky to be born in the month of September this is your birthstone.

This is a powerful crystal, and was once believed to be the original philosopher's stone, probably due to the gold flecks in it. It symbolises inspiration and opens the mind to give users clear thinking and frees the thoughts. Wisdom and truth are also gained with this stone. For these reasons as well as many others it is no wonder it has been revered as a special stone and been very much sought after. This has been going on for many centuries, even the Ancient Egyptians believed it important enough to bury their dead with Lapis Lazuli scarabs, and Tutankhamen covered his sarcophagus with it. Other users were Catherine the Great who used it to cover an entire room in these stones including fireplaces, walls, doors and mirrors. It can be ground into powder and used a colouring and, while Egyptians used it as dyes for clothing and eye shadow, Michaelangelo used it for painting.

It is used to bring clarity of thought while meditating as well as calmness and peace, and is meant to help keep away negative thoughts. While meditating with a Lapis Lazuli you will be able to see into yourself more easily and learn to accept yourself for who you are, though as it is a very powerful stone it should be used with care and caution. But it won't open your mind immediately, it waits till you are ready enough and have the courage to feel the deep powerful mysteries of your higher mind.

Ancient Greeks believed if you dreamed of a Lapis Lazuli it foretells love. The blue colour causes it to be called the water stone which, in Feng Shui, means that like deep powerful water it can carry away negative forces bringing stillness and calm forward instead. Like water it is also purifying.

With the free thinking it promotes along with the problem solving, wisdom and good judgement this is an excellent stone for people in careers such as scientists and inventors. Lawyers and archaeologists can also benefit from these attributes.

Such a beautiful stone, it's understandable there has been so much interest in it, but if you have one do take care is the message given out.

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