Friday, 19 April 2013


The two I have pictured are Clear, or Ghost, Quartz and a Rose Quartz. There are several other types of Quartz all of them powerful stones with many attributes to them, a very versatile crystal and is sometimes known as the Master Healer and Universal Crystal. We all know of the uses made of them in science but in this blog post I am discussing the metaphysical ones.

Quartz will amplify, whatever it is it will send out more strongly any vibes whether it is a prayer or a healing and even wishes. As I said there are other Quartz crystals, some of which I have already covered in this challenge such as the very first post I made about the Amethyst, so I'm focusing on the Clear and Rose Quartzes now.

The Ghost Quartz, so called because of it's transparency, is shaped like a pillar with  pointed end. This stone is very good for channelling and will activate a person's individual healing bringing a lot more energy to it. It's great for scrying due to the point on the end, tie some thread to the end and hold it up to see which way it turns if you are searching for something, you can use it over a map in the same way. If you buy Clear Quartz in a crystal ball shape you can use it like a gypsy fortune teller and meditate on it, it's unlikely that you will see actual images in it as shown in cheesy films but you might see things in your mind or words will come to you, or just a clarification in some problem or dilemma you might be trying to puzzle your way through. If a bit of Clear Quartz is added to the tip of an acupuncture needle it'll strengthen the property the needle was activating at that point.

Rose Quartz - well look at it, what does that conjure up? It has to be love doesn't it? And, yes this is the perfect stone for love. Although many other stones do the same this one is the ultimate in drawing love to you, or keeping one by the bed will enhance your romantic feelings towards your partner and theirs to you. It's pink, this doesn't actually follow that it's more of a feminine stone but really, it has to be hasn't it? What this actually means is that'll it's cause the user to achieve the more feminine attributes of compassion, forgiving, nurturing and gentleness - yes I know men are too, I'm just passing on the information, lol. It's lovingness that passes through to us gives self esteem and self worth, removing anger and fear. A very lovely family stone to bring the family peace and harmony and of course, more love. For the body, unsurprisingly, this stone is good for the heart, wear or hold one over this part of the body if needed. Also charge a bowl of water with Rose Quartz and wash your face in it to help prevent wrinkles. Hold one in your hand and let it's energy in to you.


Jolie du Pre said...

So beautiful! I love it in jewelry too.

Mary Kirkland said...

Wonderful post. I have a beautiful little skull shaped out of rose quartz.

Dark Thoughts Blog

Donna T said...

What a lovely blog! Thank you for your comments on mine :)
I love crystals - especially rose quartz!

Suzi said...

What a terrific idea for A to Z. It's fun to learn about some of these stones. I had a stone, I think was rose quartz. Not 100% sure, I always loved that little thing. I think it's lost somewhere in the house now, thanks to little fingers (that are not mine).

DayDreamer said...

Jolie, wear the jewellery over any part of you you'd like healing, then it'll be pretty and useful at the same time.

Mary, that sounds really interesting and quite cute.

Donna, thank you for that, I like yours too.

Suzi, I know all about little hands and losing things. Mine have grown hands now, thank goodness, though I do sometimes miss them being little.

Maggie Winter said...

I keep one by my bedside, beautiful stones and NASA use them in the noses of space ships, yes really. So not so new age:)
maggie at expat brazil

DayDreamer said...

Maggie, I didn't know that about NASA and just went to have a look. I have come across a page about them using Einstein's theories of relativity and time travel to try out an experiment. Will read it more closely now, so thank you for bringing this to my attention. Loving how discussing one thing can lead to something equally as fascinating.