Wednesday, 3 April 2013


The chrysoprase, which I have pictured above in it's raw form, is a green stone useful for achieving a deep meditation.

It's a good stone for families as it keeps people truthful and faithful which would help with the parental relationship, also helping to prevent speaking out in anger, and we all feel like a little grouch now and again at our partners, don't we? On the subject of speaking out it manages to help with speaking in general, another useful trait for keeping the relationship on the right side - talk about it, isn't that what the professionals say when a person is feeling cross/sad/whatever? Don't bottle it up, get it out - a chrysoprase stone will help with that. For the individual in this relationship it aids in commitments whilst encouraging independence.

Still on the family it's a good one for preventing nightmare in children and gives a sense of security to them and adults alike. As for illnesses it is said to be able to help heals a variety of them, eye problems, gout, heart problems and, one for the children as well the parents, it is good for digestive ailments. To increase the size of your family you could use it as it helps with fertility.

If there was a little straying on the part of one of the parents this stone again can come into it's own as it is meant to help prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

So there you go, a stone to keep the family together, to grow and keep well.


Grammy said...

Interesting. My stone is my faith in God and His provisions for me. Just a simple statement of where my strength comes from. Best regards to you, my friend. Ruby.

DayDreamer said...

I had never connected the fact of some people's belief in crystal stones to aid them through life and the stone or rock of other people's faith in their lord God to aid them in their's. You have made me think :)

Hannah Brooker said...

This is an interesting post. I have a variety of crystals but i think having this crystal could be something to really consider getting thanks for sharing x

in the coop said...

I am enjoying your posts about different crystals. This one made me giggle, though. I guess this is the perfect stone for a spouse who has had an affair. It can help prevent him from getting any disease while at the same time helping him say the right things to his wife about why she shouldn't throw him to the curb.

Pat said...

I was interested in the part about fertility. I should pick one up for my daughter.

DayDreamer said...

Hannah - it's nice to collect crystals :)

In the Coop - it is an 'interesting' one, shall we say? Your take on it made me laugh, too.

Pat - I take it your daughter is trying for a baby. Hope it happens for her soon.