Monday, 22 April 2013


Sadly this isn't my Sapphire, maybe one day...

When we think of Sapphire we usually think of a deep blue but there are other colours, too, pink, yellow, green, even clear ones.

In the case of the colour blue, this colour means truth as does the blue Sapphire. It also has the properties of faithfulness and home loving as well as sincerity which can be some of the reason this stone was often used as an engagement ring. This tradition has returned for some couples.  It helps to stabilise money matters which makes it useful for a new couple starting out together. Other properties in the favour for new couples is the joy it brings along with peace and harmony and even understanding, all good for starting out a new life with someone. As it is thought to bring about some of our deepest hopes and desires this might be a good stone to have even before having a partner as it might draw the person of your dreams to you. Then, once you have been together for 45 years (perhaps with the help of a Sapphire), this is the gift of that anniversary. Luckily for me we are well on the way to reaching that landmark, I'll be sure to prompt him about the correct gift.

In old belief it was thought as a stone of good judgement and was used by Diana, Goddess of wisdom, King Solomon and even the tablets containing the 10 Commandments given to Moses were said to be made of Sapphire. Good judgement, kindness and strength come from Sapphire.

In conjunction with being a stone of truthfulness it is good for throat problems, wear round the neck if you have something to heal in that area but remember if you are hiding something you may be compelled to divulge it. Also good for glandular problems and dementia.

Birthstone for those born in September bringing them good luck and protection. It's also a water stone in Feng Shui giving the energy of stillness, quiet strength and purification, use in the Northern area of the home to utilise these properties.

Do you have one? Would you use in the home as an aid to protect or just as a lovely gemstone fixed in a piece of jewellery?


MOV said...

Great post. Sapphire is my birthstone and one of my favorites. I have a small ring with one in it, and love to wear it.


Sherry Ellis said...

I love the color of sapphires - so beautiful!

Jer said...

Sapphire, my favorite stone. The blue kind.

DayDreamer said...

MOV, I read, recently, that September is the month most babies are born.

Sherry, it feels like you could lose yourself in the deep blue ones.

Jer, I think I agree with you, although I do love emeralds, too.

Lucy said...

The sapphire is so beautiful and I had no idea about all the belief about the stone, very cool.

Lucy from Lucy's Reality

DL Shackleford said...

Sapphires are so incredibly beautiful. I never knew about the truthfulness connection..hmm.

Juliet Bond said...

Sounds lovely! I'll take two. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Connie Gruning said...

Great S post!! I have a beautiful Sapphire ring. I love it!
A to Z-ing to the end
Peanut Butter and Whine

Jak Cryton said...

Sweet post :) I've always liked Sapphires, but also really like Amethyst. I may have to peek if that was a topic point for "A" :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate it. May not be able to back track too much yet, but will attempt to follow as A to Z progresses!

Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

DayDreamer said...

Lucy, a very cool stone and that blue just makes you think of cool water, too, at least it does me.

DL, such a beautiful stone.

Juliet, haha, I don't blame you.

Connie, how lovely :) Thanks for stopping by.

Jak, yup, my A post was for Amethyst, lol. It's my birthstone so I had to do it, really.

Kerri Cuev said...

My birthstone and favorite! I have a couple of these pretty gems.

carol said...

My engagement ring is a sapphire.

Maggie Winter said...

My mum gave me a sapphire ring for my 21st. I'll wear it and pay attention to how it makes me feel, very interesting posts. I know a little about most of these crystals and gems but nothing like your knowledge, loving your posts. Thanks a lot, love learning.

DayDreamer said...

Kerri, ooh, how lovely :)

Carol, I think a Sapphire engagement rings are gorgeous.

Maggie, what a lovely thing to receive from your mother for your special birthday.
I'm learning more about these crystals, too.