Wednesday, 24 April 2013


The Unakite is said to be helpful for animals, so that if you breed any this is a good stone to have around.  It is an aid for humans to have as a birthstone and this will also aid in the same way with animals. It will also be able to help you to find your animal spirit guide.

It's balancing, too, for your spiritual side and your physical bringing them together to strengthen you as a whole person. As the stone is a combination of two types of gemstone which have fused together - the orange of a Jasper and the green of an Epidote - this balancing of two types of oneself isn't really surprising as it is utilising aspects of both those stones allowing you to feel more centred.

Meditate on a Unakite to help release any pain or deep felt anger you might have, it'll remove obstacles which may have been holding you back, even from as far back as childhood allowing you to move on. In fact, if you have a child who you suspect of having problems and they won't discuss it ask them to hold one so it helps remove the fear preventing them from sharing this problem, it will let them feel safe talking about it.

Have one in the garden so it can help there, it's useful for gardens. Or if you like to cast spells having one of these with you while doing so will give you more confidence in the casting of it and help control the way you want it to go. If you are able to send distance healing to other people this stone will aid in the sending of it.

I've seen some cute animal images made of Unakite on the internet while doing some research on this stone. You might want to take a look.


jaybird said...

I've never heard of a unikite before. Interesting!

DayDreamer said...

Jaybird, I just bought the one pictured a few days ago, I hadn't known of them till then, and realised when looking for a U word for the A-Z that this would be the one to talk about today, good timing, huh?

Maggie Winter said...

New one on me too, I have rather a lot of different crystals but now want some of this too. Thanks for the info, are you wicca? Blessed be:)
maggie at expat brazil

DayDreamer said...

Maggie, no I'm not but am interested in Wicca, spell casting and their beliefs. It's very nature inspired which I like very much, and their ethos of as long as no harm is done do as you will. Are you Wicca?