Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Although I have a photo of a back Obsidian stone you can also have ones of other colours, I also have a Snowflake Obsidian which is black with white flecks resembling snowflakes giving the obvious name to that particular stone.

The Black Obsidian is very black, you feel you are drawn deeply into the stone while looking at it, and it is used, in fact, often as a mirror stone because it reflects back at you. You need to be careful as it is said to reflect back at you your own flaws, but this is counted as a good thing, it means you can work on fixing them once you see them clearly. It was used a scrying stone by the ancients due to it's mirror reflectiveness, too.

But it is a strong protective stone, too. It'll draw away negative energies, either from around you or from yourself, taking away any tensions and mental stress you might have. Meditate on it to draw them out and it'll send those negative energies into the ground. The stone will clear confusion and help draw out any forgotten abilities you had.

Obsidian will open you up to new ideas and show you new horizons to strive towards. Feng Shui says you should place a Black Obsidian in the North, or Bagua, area of your home the area connected with career and your path in life to allow it to clear obstacles in your way to fulfilling ambition in this area.

Pain is alleviated with this stone, from disorders such as arthritis and joint pain, you can do this by placing a stone against the area affected and wrapping a bandage around it to hold it there. If you have bad circulation this stone will help with that too. If you find it too forceful to use you can temper this by also using a more gentle stone  with it such as Rose Quartz, or even using the Snowflake Obsidian which does the same things as a Black one but is more soft for users.

An interesting extra use, the colour black is said to be an absence of light and this stone is meant to help make the user invisible - I bet Harry Potter would have like one of these.


Francene Stanley said...

Great information. I have one but didn't know how to use it. Thanks for your visit. Francene.

Suzanne Furness said...

Hi found your blog through A_Z (although I am not offically completing this year!). I write about birthstones in my children stories so found your postings very interesting.

A Tarkabarka Hölgy said...

Wow, great theme for A to Z! I love gemstones and all the lore around them. Fascinating! :)

DayDreamer said...

Francene, it's quite a useful gemstone, so if you have one hopefully you are getting it's help already in lots of ways.

Suzanne, thanks for visiting, I find the A-Z very enjoyable being able to see so many other people's blogs this way. I bet children must love finding out about birthstones in your books.

A Tarkabarka Hölgy, thank you. I went with a theme this year as last year I just winged it and some days wasn't sure what to post about.

Rebecca Green Gasper said...

Your A to Z is neat. I love learning about all the rocks and minerals. So neat to hear about what they are used for. I love that it draws away negative energy. And so cool that it helps alleviate pain. what a powerful stone.

Sania Heba said...

Wow. Interesting. I'm following! :)

Thanks for dropping by mu blog.

Deb said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.
I need one of those, a stone to alleviate pain. I really like your theme and am reading back to A

DayDreamer said...

Rebecca, yes, a very powerful stone.

Sania, thanks very much :)

Deb, thank you, hope you enjoy it

Mary Kirkland said...

Wonderful post. It's one of my favorite stones.

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DayDreamer said...

Thanks, Mary.