Friday, 26 April 2013


The decision maker is the name given to Wavellite. Used when confronted with more than one choice it'll help the user choose the right one, or rather to give the bigger picture so they can see the best path to go down so as they move down to reach the correct end and the best place needed to get to. Better for the big decisions you need to make rather than day to day ones.

A rare stone and difficult to find but if you do use for aiding in meditation when there is a new moon to bring insight and awareness.

As said this stone will help to see the bigger picture, whereas lots of other gemstones will attune to one particular aspect of you while this one helps to pull back and see all with out distraction. It draws energy out and distributes it out over the whole body evenly. Useful for blood flow, skin complaints, hayfever and colds. It'll also strengthen and tone your life force, or Chi. It gives stamina and endurance but lets us realise we can't give our all when helping others, we need to protect ourselves or we burn out too and this stone will remind us when to pull back and look after ourselves so we can carry on helping others.

I don't have a Wavellite and this picture isn't mine, but it shows how the stone can display a play of light shining outwards which is said to be very attractive to see.


Nick Wilford said...

Very pretty. I like how there seems to be a stone for every purpose.

Shannon Lawrence said...

This is a stone I wouldn't mind having! It's interesting looking, too.

Shannon at The Warrior Muse

DayDreamer said...

Nick, it does look like you could be covered for anything if you have enough stones

Shannon, this picture is of, what's called a raw stone, meaning it hasn't yet been polished or tumbled. This causes them to look more like a sea washed pebble.

Jessica Peterson said...

This is such an interesting theme. I love the idea of these stones having deeper meanings.

Have fun with the last few letters of a-z. :)

DayDreamer said...

Thanks, Jessica. I've just finished though a day late with one of them. Phew, it was fun, hope it was for you too.