Saturday, 27 April 2013


Yes, yes, I know I'm cheating. But there just doesn't seem to be any gemstones beginning with the letter X and to keep to my theme I have tried bending the rules a bit. I had thought of doing a post on the non- existentialissm of a gemstone or crystal beginning with X but realised that was cheating too with the X. Oh well, this post is about the aXinite crystal stone.

Feeling a little weak or tired? Use an aXinite to restore your energy and make those changes you wanted to do at the same time as this stone helps out with that too. Anything trying to stop those changes won't seem to matter so much as the aXinite helps you flow along without unnecessary worry. So in the end the best is achieved for both sides. Grounding you and healing as it goes.

Helps you to remember dreams and also meditation messages which might be trying to get through. It's even said to bring back collective memories of man from ages past. Keeping you clear headed and grounding if you go too far into a trancelike state while meditating.

Problems with the feet? This stone will help out there, as well as spinal problems or bone breaks, and if you are a healer yourself this stone will help to bring out the vibrations to help you deliver healing to others.

Now I need to try to find me a gemstone beginning with Y and there's going to be trouble again, I can see. Right now, though, I'm off to visit around some other blogs to see what Xs they came up with in the challenge, hope you all didn't find it so difficult.


The Armchair Squid said...

There's something beautiful about X Day in the A-Z challenge. It stretches everyone's limits. Part of why I did comics this year is that I knew going in it would solve the X problem. The past two years, I did baseball players and both years I went with players with an X at the end of their name rather than the beginning. Who's to say that an X in a different part of a word is any less an X than one at the beginning!

DayDreamer said...

Thank you for that, it makes me feel better. You are right, an X shouldn't matter where it comes, though having it specifically at the end of a name or word is preferable. I find it quite amusing, in a nice way, to come to a choice of theme partially down to this letter. I expect many people would have factored this into their choice among other considerations.