Tuesday, 23 April 2013


One of the oldest stones to be used as a healing stone, the Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans did, for instance. This is a strengthening stone and has 'male' attributes so is good for those already working or wanting to work in careers which need leadership skills. and also helps to prevent money being invested unwisely. But is also helps bring friendship, and gives you the respect from you should be getting from other people. Very good for accountants. Also as it helps with mental stress it's recommended for those who work on computer systems, or in television and radio.

As the stone is a good grounding one if you have your head too much in the clouds it'll help bring you back down gently, and offers protection. If you have any self-negativity use one to help balance you and bring peace and serenity within yourself. It will open your heart to receiving good vibrations but will also help you to give them, as those can be blocked when you are feeling closed in within yourself. If you need to do any self-analysing this is the stone to aid you and understand yourself better.

Carry one of these stones with you if you are off on your travels as it'll protect against accidents, loss and even falling down. If you are taking your pets with you it'll make sure they don't run off or get stolen.

Bodily, it's great for headaches, stress and depression. In fact it's an excellent healing stone all round as it can also be used for many other ailments such as those affecting the lungs, respiration, circulation and gout, but the one of the best uses is for the throat as it helps with communication so if you have a touch of write's block on this A-Z Challenge place one on your throat to get some great ideas down in your blog posts.


Kerri Cuev said...

As an avid mineral, gem, and rock collector, I'm enjoying your posts!

Vicki Paulus said...

First time visitor (from A to Z Challenge). I love your theme, so much inereesting info. I'll be back:)

DayDreamer said...

Thanks Kerri, I've been reading and enjoying yours too.

Hi Vicki, thanks for your visit :)

Maggie Winter said...

I love my Turquoise rings and necklaces and they do seem to work well.
Nice a to z very nice. I try to do all your posts but it will probably be in May.See you soon.
maggie at expat brazil

carol said...

I love turqouise, so pretty.

DayDreamer said...

Maggie, after the challenge is over we will all have, hopefully, more time to check out other posts and blogs we've felt too rushed to see this month :)

Carol, turquoise is probably my favourite colour.