Monday, 8 April 2013


Birthstone for January babies.  Linked to the element of fire it is useful for those in professions who need to use to use strength of mind and sometimes of body as well, perhaps, as toughness and courage such as police officers, soldiers, sailors and prison guards, firefighters and doctors. Business women, who sometimes feel they need to be tougher than their male counterparts can use this stone to help reach those objectives or just to help in their positions. In fact ancient soldiers would carry it into battle for protection. It's energising and motivating and helps users get their objectives done to the best of their abilities.  Stamina is raised which would be useful to people with these type of careers, and increases their desire for recognition or even glory. Many garnets are red in colour and they were thought to light up the dark and protect from evil and disaster. As to the lighting of the dark there is a natural luminosity to it coming from it's high refractive index, basically that means it's reflecting back any light out there.

On the subject of the colour red, although there are many other colours of garnets including the popular green one, this is also the colour of passion, and garnets give passion and sexual drive. It encourages sexuality and sensuality and with that stamina which I've already mentioned means it would be useful maybe for couples wanting a little extra, well no more need be mentioned there.

But I will mention the other more physical uses of garnets and the red colour, as this gemstone is an aid for blood disorders as you might imagine, good for the heart and circulation and exhaustion, all good for those in the type of jobs listed above.

But anyone can use a garnet for the attributes it holds, just imagine how it can help with the housework when you're tired and have no motivation for it, try putting on a nice pair of garnet earrings or a necklace and imagine it firing you up to whizzing round the house and making it sparkle - well flylady tells you to clean your sink while wearing heels, it can't be that different can it...?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful stone.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Some days, I need to cover myself in garnets.

DayDreamer said...

Emmlyjane - it is a lovely stone

L. Diane Wolfe - well, along with any benefits you got from them you'd look gorgeous with them all

Elise Fallson said...

You've got one of the beautiful themes in A-Z! My birthstone is Amethyst but I do like the garnet.

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Kerri Cuev said...

Pretty stone! I do like Sapphires the best though!

DL Shackleford said...

Garnet is my birthstone, but I never knew any of these interesting tidbits,

madhaus burbed said...

This is a great A-Z theme! It's not just interesting and useful, it's also dazzling. Garnets are pretty eye-catching, too!

Thanks for stopping by at my blog as well!

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~Brandy~ said...

Great information! Garnet is my birthstone and red is my favourite colour - meant to be! I actually want my engagement ring (if that should ever come to pass) to be a garnet.

Cheers from Brandy at