Thursday, 4 April 2013


Now I don't have any diamonds so have whipped this photo off the internet. As this stone is generally associated with either a necklace or engagement ring I have chosen the engagement ring to showpiece this gemstone.

Now, the reason so many people opt for a diamond as the stone of choice in the ring which shows their intention to marry is, well partly for tradition, but also because it is represents purity and innocence as well as faithfulness and love. The translucent white reflecting back at you conjures this up. It is a bonding stone and gives clarity to it's users, as well as bringing new beginnings so it's no wonder people use it as their commitment to marriage stone.

Other uses for the diamond are strength of mind and bravery, it gives fortitude. As a stone known for being extra hard, not only the hardest stone but also the hardest mineral,  and can cut glass this isn't really a surprising attribute. It clears the mind of negative thoughts and helps with imagination - and actually, those too would be very good for an engaged couple.

On the part of healing, clearing occurs again as it helps clear the sight, and glaucoma in the eyes. It is good for the brain and counteracts poisons. It blocks electromagnetic rays, so for those loved up couples calling each other constantly on the mobile it could help with those dangerous microwaves.

A very beautiful stone, and if you are inclined to think that way, also a very useful one. Do you, or would you, have one for your engagement ring?


in the coop said...

I do have a diamond engagement ring. It helps that at the time of my engagement, my sister was a jeweler. Also, something that no one on the internet knows, my maiden name is Diamond. Had to have one, really, if I was giving up the name. :)

Melody said...

I had no idea the diamond had all those qualities. Yes, I would want one in my engagement ring, just because it is beautiful...but I don't know that I would HAVE to have one. You seem to have chosen a very interesting theme! :)

Pat said...

Funny that you should have a picture of a diamond ring. I was just mentioning to my husband that next year will be our 30th wedding anniversary and I saw a beautiful vintage engagement ring that would make a PERFECT anniversary present. ;) I DID have an engagement ring with my first marriage; with this marriage I did not. I have one platinum band with diamonds on it.

Maggie Winter said...

It is a good crystal to use, I love them, its the buying them that's hard. Beautiful, thanks, happy A to Z

The Armchair Squid said...

Diamonds are April's birthstone, too - how appropriate for the challenge.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Munir said...

I have one in my anniversary ring. I just hope that it is not a "blood diamond". Diamonds are very pretty and for me it is my birth stone as well. Thanks for the info.

Shannon Lawrence said...

They do really put out a sense of purity and cleanliness. I like blue or green stones (like turquoise), so I wonder what those say?

Shannon at The Warrior Muse

Lisa Wilton said...

I do have one in my engagement ring and some small ones on my wedding ring too. It just so happens to be my birth stone as well.

I do think that part of the reason they are so popular is their strength and their expense - almost like a status symbol. They're also very beautiful of course.

Nice post! Great theme.

LTWilton’s Blog

DayDreamer said...

In the Coop - I feel honoured that you gave that piece of information on my blog. Apt - a diamond ring for a Diamond name.

Melody - diamonds are beautiful and would be nice to just have one.

Pat - I hope you get that lovely vintage ring :)

Maggie - yes, unfortunately some are either very expensive or hard to come by.

The Armchair Squid - of course you're right! It's my MIL birthstone for that reason as she often reminds us, I wonder why, hehe.

Munir - there is that awful trade in Blood Diamonds. I'm sure you were given a fair and legal one.

Shannon - Green is restful and blue is for friendship so a torquoise one would mean you would attract nice calming friends, I guess?

Lisa - happy birthday for this month. I agree, it is often for their status that people buy them.

New House Girl said...

What a fun theme! And Diamonds, well they're the best--I love how they sparkle and catch the light!
Happy A-Zing!

DayDreamer said...

They are a girl's best friend, they say :)