Sunday, 25 March 2012

100th Post

Noticing, for some reason, that I had posted 99 posts made me realise that this one will be my 100th! Wracking my brains for some significant way to celebrate this most historical of things in my limited world all I could come up with was a post of a 'best ofs' list. 100 of them would be far too many and far too difficult for me to think of so I have a shortened version of 50, each representing 2 which multiplied is 100.

So, here is my list of 'best ofs' and favourites in no particular order:

1. Bread - any kind but particularly crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside
2. Cheese - going through a blue cheese phase at the moment
3. Books - can't live without them
4. Baths - long and luxurious
5. Sleeping - probably my favourite favourite thing
6. Travelling - naturally
7. Bunny - our rabbit with a strong personality of her own
8. Log fires - we have a great wood-burner
9. Thunderstorms - so dramatic
10. Stained glass windows - especially when the light shines through 
11. Stars - love to gaze up at them and dream
12. Smell of freshly cut grass - don't we all love that
13. Coffee - long and milky or short and strong
14. Babies - cute and cuddly
15. Internet -couldn't live without it once I discovered it
16. Reading - in general, not just books. Magazines, leaflets, back of the cornflake's box...
17. Adam and the Ants - what?! Don't you?
18. Duran Duran - going with the music theme
19. Ice cream - coffee flavour, please
20. John Cusack - his intelligence shines through into his performances 
21. Lost - the TV show. Why did it have to end??
22. Incense sticks - one is burning now
23. Christmas - best time
24. Hallowe'en - fun time
25. Being young - long time ago now
26. Trees - oak, willow, silver birch being 3 favourites
27. Camping - with friends or just my family, lots of laughter
28. Laughter - in itself just wonderful
29. Blue skies - wide and expansive, with or without a few fluffy clouds
30. Autumn - my favourite season, cosy on the sofa, wood-burner going, with a cup of hot chocolate
31. Turner - J.M.W. his paintings are so evocative
32.Sound of children playing - it's the sound of innocence
33. Purple - the colour purple, but also the book The Colour Purple
34. Italy - love this country so much
35. Wuthering Heights - best book
36. Clean sheets - when you go to bed
37. Dancing - nothing beats a good night's boogie
38. Daydreaming - not for nothing did I name myself after this occupation
39. Cafes - watching the world go by
40. Tidy house  - to come home to after time away is very calming
41. Dad's cooking - just the best 
42. Films - relax in front of the TV
43. Theatre - watching plays in a live arena
44. Will Smith - gorgeous and funny
45. My job - yes, I do like my work very much
46.  Libraries - surrounded by free books 
47. Democracy - so thankful I live in a country which has this
48. Train travel - if I ever afford it, love the motion
49. Mucha - elegant ladies gazing into space
50. Not flying - every moment I am not flying is a favourite one

Monday, 19 March 2012

Random Picture

No reason to post this other than it makes for a random picture. Onions from our allotment.
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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day

To all you loving mothers out there Happy Mother's Day to you!

I've had a good day today so far. A lovely card from Daughter#1 with a message she'd written inside saying 'you are the best mum!' which kind of surprised me, enough to ask about it with a reply of  'that's what you're meant to say in those cards, isn't it'. Well, never mind the fact she wrote it will do me fine. I also had chocolates and a DVD from her :)

Daughter#2 seems to have missed what today is but that's fine by me too, she'll grow up missing birthdays and other significant dates, probably, but that's just her. She pleased me by coming second in the cookery competition she was in today with her scout group against some other scout groups. She is patrol leader and had to keep order between a couple of the group who were having a bit of a skirmish. She also sewed her own badges on yesterday with the most perfect precise stitches you could ever see, and as it was her first time sewing I was very impressed.

I am now looking forward to a spot of housework and a nice meal from them both - they don't know this yet and it may end up being done by yours truly but so what, just having my girls with me makes every day a good Mother's Day for me.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Where I Would Like To Be Today

It's another damp and dreary day, here, so have been browsing through the net. I came across this photo and thought how idyllic. It has the elements of being so sunny and bright with the coolness of the blue blue sea. These have been enhanced in the photograph with the brightnes of the white buildings with blue domes. A lovely photograph from a lovely setting.

I can just imagine floating along on that sea in a little boat, diving off for a swim when too hot, then coming back to one of those interestingly shaped buildings which look as though they have thick walls to keep out too much heat. Sitting on a veranda or at a window to gaze upon that scene with a long drink in my hand.

Aah, wish I was there.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

A-Z April Challenge

An A-Z challenge sounded too good to miss. Easy enough to do, just make a post every day from April the First with a topic based on a letter of the alphabet. They need to be posted in order, every day except Sundays, making 26 days for 26 letters. A fun challenge.

But! Is it really as easy to do as it may seem? To pick a topic to match each letter? What happens if writer's block sets in the day before the letter M is due, for instance? What can we blog about for the letter X aside from X Rays?

The A-Z Team who started this have been doing it for two years now and are looking to increase the number of blogger contributors, so if you want to join in all you need to do is click on the button to get to their site giving full explanations.

Well, I'm looking forward to it and will do my best to keep to it, try to find a subject for every letter, make a post a day, no thinking I'll do it tomorrow.

Now, shall I go freestyle or have a theme?