Tuesday, 30 April 2013


 So we come to the last day in the A-Z Challenge and today I am bringing you the Zeolite Crystal. This is not actually one crystal but several held together - rather apt I thought on the last day of a month of posts on a theme of gemstones or crystals.

The Zeolite will absorb toxins either from the body or the environment, and strong smells. Very powerful at healing and is used in Reiki as it is so great at detoxifying. It also helps with the response to the healing.

Bury it in the garden so it can benefit growing your plants or herbs. Good for agriculture, too, for that reason. Perhaps I can try some in our allotment, it had a terrible time last year de to the weather - so much rain, and we could do with  better crop this year.

For people who have a problem with retaining in their bodies, such as water, use a Zeolite for it's detoxifying properties, this means it is good for goiters and bloating. We could all do with a good detox now and again, though maybe while trying with more conventional ways such as watching our food and drink intake, but having one of these stones could help with it.  It helps with addictions as well, especially to alcohol.

It removes negative energy in a person and replaces it with happiness. And with that it sounds like a nice stone to end on.

I've had a great time in the A-Z Challenge, meeting lots of you in the process either in here or on your own blogs, and will hopefully be writing a Reflective post about it when the time comes. Hope to see yours, too.

Y are there no gemstones beginning with Y?

So, having searched and found none I thought instead I just show a few of my other stones with a teensy line or two giving their properties.

I love the shape of this Coral. As you might imagine, the deep red symbolises blood and so this stone is meant to be good for the life force and for the blood. It gives wearers of Coral joy and happiness helping you to enjoy life to the full.

This is Hematite which looks a lot like a metal. Strong and giving strength, so it is useful if you are timid. Also useful for legal situations.

Rhodonite can be pink or red, this one is pink. Emotional healer, clearing away emotional wounds. Also good for insect bites and reduces scarring. Helps if you have trouble with your hearing.

The Tiger's Eye helps with practical perception so aiding with resolving dilemmas and conflicts within yourself.  Balances the Yin and Yang. As you might imagine with something using the word Eye in it's name, it is said to help with eye problems and also with night vision. Gemstones were often given names which reflected their uses.

Dalmation Jaspers, so called because of their spots. This stone brings out the playfulness in us, appealing to the child inside us. Also very good for children helping remove their fears and worries.

Blue Lace Agate. I wish my photo was better but try as I might I couldn't remove the glare and must learn more about my camera. This is a very pretty pale blue stone which reflects back at you. Very healing, nurturing and supporting. Removes fears of being rejected or suppressed, feelings we may have been holding onto since childhood, even from our parents, so we are able to open up more fully and finally relax.

I apologise for being a day late with this and will shortly be adding the last post in the challenge. Good luck to you all in finishing.

Saturday, 27 April 2013


Yes, yes, I know I'm cheating. But there just doesn't seem to be any gemstones beginning with the letter X and to keep to my theme I have tried bending the rules a bit. I had thought of doing a post on the non- existentialissm of a gemstone or crystal beginning with X but realised that was cheating too with the X. Oh well, this post is about the aXinite crystal stone.

Feeling a little weak or tired? Use an aXinite to restore your energy and make those changes you wanted to do at the same time as this stone helps out with that too. Anything trying to stop those changes won't seem to matter so much as the aXinite helps you flow along without unnecessary worry. So in the end the best is achieved for both sides. Grounding you and healing as it goes.

Helps you to remember dreams and also meditation messages which might be trying to get through. It's even said to bring back collective memories of man from ages past. Keeping you clear headed and grounding if you go too far into a trancelike state while meditating.

Problems with the feet? This stone will help out there, as well as spinal problems or bone breaks, and if you are a healer yourself this stone will help to bring out the vibrations to help you deliver healing to others.

Now I need to try to find me a gemstone beginning with Y and there's going to be trouble again, I can see. Right now, though, I'm off to visit around some other blogs to see what Xs they came up with in the challenge, hope you all didn't find it so difficult.

Friday, 26 April 2013


The decision maker is the name given to Wavellite. Used when confronted with more than one choice it'll help the user choose the right one, or rather to give the bigger picture so they can see the best path to go down so as they move down to reach the correct end and the best place needed to get to. Better for the big decisions you need to make rather than day to day ones.

A rare stone and difficult to find but if you do use for aiding in meditation when there is a new moon to bring insight and awareness.

As said this stone will help to see the bigger picture, whereas lots of other gemstones will attune to one particular aspect of you while this one helps to pull back and see all with out distraction. It draws energy out and distributes it out over the whole body evenly. Useful for blood flow, skin complaints, hayfever and colds. It'll also strengthen and tone your life force, or Chi. It gives stamina and endurance but lets us realise we can't give our all when helping others, we need to protect ourselves or we burn out too and this stone will remind us when to pull back and look after ourselves so we can carry on helping others.

I don't have a Wavellite and this picture isn't mine, but it shows how the stone can display a play of light shining outwards which is said to be very attractive to see.

Thursday, 25 April 2013


Gentle and calming, this stone will help bring peace to the user. A lovely joyous stone bringing love and compassion. If you are feeling in need of something this stone will help you to realise what it is that you are wanting and will aid in getting it, or fulfilling any wishes you had.

Often called the true worry stone a Variscite will ease anxieties, tensions and impatience and help remove stress. Use one if you are feeling low and it is also recommended if you have depression, it's excellent if you see no future or are in despair. It helps you to love yourself enabling you to fully love others.

If you are experiencing problems with someone else who you really do need to be getting on with a Variscite will help with a connection, to enable you to see the other person's point of view, and could also help communities to get on if there are different beliefs or ideals between them.

Use in meditation to calm your mind. Or on the body to help regenerate skin cells and constricted blood supplies. Good for giving strength while caring for others. Great for the central nervous system, too. Plus, this is also a great stone for male impotence as it helps with male reproductive tissues.

Although many Varicites are yellow green, as is the one pictured, the green colour is money attracting as I've mentioned in other gemstone posts, so bear this mind if you have one as you may find money worries abating while more money comes your way.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


The Unakite is said to be helpful for animals, so that if you breed any this is a good stone to have around.  It is an aid for humans to have as a birthstone and this will also aid in the same way with animals. It will also be able to help you to find your animal spirit guide.

It's balancing, too, for your spiritual side and your physical bringing them together to strengthen you as a whole person. As the stone is a combination of two types of gemstone which have fused together - the orange of a Jasper and the green of an Epidote - this balancing of two types of oneself isn't really surprising as it is utilising aspects of both those stones allowing you to feel more centred.

Meditate on a Unakite to help release any pain or deep felt anger you might have, it'll remove obstacles which may have been holding you back, even from as far back as childhood allowing you to move on. In fact, if you have a child who you suspect of having problems and they won't discuss it ask them to hold one so it helps remove the fear preventing them from sharing this problem, it will let them feel safe talking about it.

Have one in the garden so it can help there, it's useful for gardens. Or if you like to cast spells having one of these with you while doing so will give you more confidence in the casting of it and help control the way you want it to go. If you are able to send distance healing to other people this stone will aid in the sending of it.

I've seen some cute animal images made of Unakite on the internet while doing some research on this stone. You might want to take a look.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


One of the oldest stones to be used as a healing stone, the Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans did, for instance. This is a strengthening stone and has 'male' attributes so is good for those already working or wanting to work in careers which need leadership skills. and also helps to prevent money being invested unwisely. But is also helps bring friendship, and gives you the respect from you should be getting from other people. Very good for accountants. Also as it helps with mental stress it's recommended for those who work on computer systems, or in television and radio.

As the stone is a good grounding one if you have your head too much in the clouds it'll help bring you back down gently, and offers protection. If you have any self-negativity use one to help balance you and bring peace and serenity within yourself. It will open your heart to receiving good vibrations but will also help you to give them, as those can be blocked when you are feeling closed in within yourself. If you need to do any self-analysing this is the stone to aid you and understand yourself better.

Carry one of these stones with you if you are off on your travels as it'll protect against accidents, loss and even falling down. If you are taking your pets with you it'll make sure they don't run off or get stolen.

Bodily, it's great for headaches, stress and depression. In fact it's an excellent healing stone all round as it can also be used for many other ailments such as those affecting the lungs, respiration, circulation and gout, but the one of the best uses is for the throat as it helps with communication so if you have a touch of write's block on this A-Z Challenge place one on your throat to get some great ideas down in your blog posts.

Monday, 22 April 2013


Sadly this isn't my Sapphire, maybe one day...

When we think of Sapphire we usually think of a deep blue but there are other colours, too, pink, yellow, green, even clear ones.

In the case of the colour blue, this colour means truth as does the blue Sapphire. It also has the properties of faithfulness and home loving as well as sincerity which can be some of the reason this stone was often used as an engagement ring. This tradition has returned for some couples.  It helps to stabilise money matters which makes it useful for a new couple starting out together. Other properties in the favour for new couples is the joy it brings along with peace and harmony and even understanding, all good for starting out a new life with someone. As it is thought to bring about some of our deepest hopes and desires this might be a good stone to have even before having a partner as it might draw the person of your dreams to you. Then, once you have been together for 45 years (perhaps with the help of a Sapphire), this is the gift of that anniversary. Luckily for me we are well on the way to reaching that landmark, I'll be sure to prompt him about the correct gift.

In old belief it was thought as a stone of good judgement and was used by Diana, Goddess of wisdom, King Solomon and even the tablets containing the 10 Commandments given to Moses were said to be made of Sapphire. Good judgement, kindness and strength come from Sapphire.

In conjunction with being a stone of truthfulness it is good for throat problems, wear round the neck if you have something to heal in that area but remember if you are hiding something you may be compelled to divulge it. Also good for glandular problems and dementia.

Birthstone for those born in September bringing them good luck and protection. It's also a water stone in Feng Shui giving the energy of stillness, quiet strength and purification, use in the Northern area of the home to utilise these properties.

Do you have one? Would you use in the home as an aid to protect or just as a lovely gemstone fixed in a piece of jewellery?

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Rune Stones

This is a bit of a deviation from the theme I set myself in the A-Z Challenge discussing the properties of individual crystal stones today as I want to talk about my Runestones. Runes can actually be made of many types of  material including wood or clay but the ones I have are made of Rose Quartz, and that's an R word too, but already covered yesterday.

To be honest I don't know all that much about Runestones except they have been used for thousands of years as an aid to seeing the future, used by Vikings in Scandinavia. The Vikings believed they had been discovered by their god Odin, but now they are thought to have originated from Latin, Etruscan or Ancient Greek though so far there is no connection to them having been used in these countries. The Germanic peoples based them on those alphabets and were then taken up by the Scandinavians. Some people believe they go back even further and are based on neolithic and bronze age carvings.

The actual carvings on Runestones convey messages and ideas from the elements of nature about destiny and fate. The carvings or symbols are based on an alphabet, each symbol based on a word which would have had meaning in the ancient days they were first used, such  as Raido which looks a little like an R and meaning wagon. This Runestone would then convey the message of travel, movement or moving on. There are other correspondents to each Runestone, the Raido has Thor, Oak and Eagle among others, so for each stone there are multiple layers of messages to find. They were used not just for people's personal life but also for bigger uses such as foretelling the weather - useful for both farming and also for planning the next Viking raid on another tribe, I guess.

You can make your own Runes, carve some wood into the right shape or use clay or whatever other material you'd like to use and then carve onto them the symbols. These would have a deep connection to you.  Carry them in a pouch with a drawstring. Generally to use the Runes you would ask a question -  not essential though - and then draw three usually, Runes out from the pouch. The first Rune means the past, the second the present, and the third the future. There are other patterns such as just drawing out one to give an all over view. You need to learn or read from the Runic alphabet the meanings and then interpret their meaning in relation to you, of course there may be very different interpretations to be made. Some people will have more of a 'gift' in this than others.

I have a lot to learn of these Runestones as they are quite new to me, though I have been wanting some in quite a while. Once I understand a bit more I will try to cast the Runes and see what comes up, and then probably add a blog post about it once the A-Z Challenge is over.

Friday, 19 April 2013


The two I have pictured are Clear, or Ghost, Quartz and a Rose Quartz. There are several other types of Quartz all of them powerful stones with many attributes to them, a very versatile crystal and is sometimes known as the Master Healer and Universal Crystal. We all know of the uses made of them in science but in this blog post I am discussing the metaphysical ones.

Quartz will amplify, whatever it is it will send out more strongly any vibes whether it is a prayer or a healing and even wishes. As I said there are other Quartz crystals, some of which I have already covered in this challenge such as the very first post I made about the Amethyst, so I'm focusing on the Clear and Rose Quartzes now.

The Ghost Quartz, so called because of it's transparency, is shaped like a pillar with  pointed end. This stone is very good for channelling and will activate a person's individual healing bringing a lot more energy to it. It's great for scrying due to the point on the end, tie some thread to the end and hold it up to see which way it turns if you are searching for something, you can use it over a map in the same way. If you buy Clear Quartz in a crystal ball shape you can use it like a gypsy fortune teller and meditate on it, it's unlikely that you will see actual images in it as shown in cheesy films but you might see things in your mind or words will come to you, or just a clarification in some problem or dilemma you might be trying to puzzle your way through. If a bit of Clear Quartz is added to the tip of an acupuncture needle it'll strengthen the property the needle was activating at that point.

Rose Quartz - well look at it, what does that conjure up? It has to be love doesn't it? And, yes this is the perfect stone for love. Although many other stones do the same this one is the ultimate in drawing love to you, or keeping one by the bed will enhance your romantic feelings towards your partner and theirs to you. It's pink, this doesn't actually follow that it's more of a feminine stone but really, it has to be hasn't it? What this actually means is that'll it's cause the user to achieve the more feminine attributes of compassion, forgiving, nurturing and gentleness - yes I know men are too, I'm just passing on the information, lol. It's lovingness that passes through to us gives self esteem and self worth, removing anger and fear. A very lovely family stone to bring the family peace and harmony and of course, more love. For the body, unsurprisingly, this stone is good for the heart, wear or hold one over this part of the body if needed. Also charge a bowl of water with Rose Quartz and wash your face in it to help prevent wrinkles. Hold one in your hand and let it's energy in to you.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


Peridot is associated with the sun, and also gold which means it is good as a money stone attracting some to anyone using one, keep it in your purse or wallet. It is the birthstone for the month of August and also the zodiac sign of Leo meaning it is also a stone of healing. It heals the healers so it is said, and also those who have been unlucky in love releasing negative vibrations and balancing any hurt emotions. If you're going through a tough relationship now, and need to see your relationship clearly then use this as it will give you the clarity you need. It'll protect you from harmful energies and help to prevent more pain from a bad relationship. In fact it will move you away from the confusions and misunderstandings so aiding in a better love life and general well being. The Peridot will bring you warmth and happiness in the long run.

Colours also have meanings and green is the colour of healing, which only enhances the properties of the Peridot, it's a light green with hints of yellow to it which is a warm colour of happiness. Peridot can help cleanse and de-toxify the body, it's energising too. Use a Peridot if you have lost something as it'll help you to find it.

Remember I said it heals the healers? Well, that means this is a good stone for doctors, nurses, dentists and others in this type of career. Just do try not to dream of a Peridot as that is supposed to mean bad luck!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Although I have a photo of a back Obsidian stone you can also have ones of other colours, I also have a Snowflake Obsidian which is black with white flecks resembling snowflakes giving the obvious name to that particular stone.

The Black Obsidian is very black, you feel you are drawn deeply into the stone while looking at it, and it is used, in fact, often as a mirror stone because it reflects back at you. You need to be careful as it is said to reflect back at you your own flaws, but this is counted as a good thing, it means you can work on fixing them once you see them clearly. It was used a scrying stone by the ancients due to it's mirror reflectiveness, too.

But it is a strong protective stone, too. It'll draw away negative energies, either from around you or from yourself, taking away any tensions and mental stress you might have. Meditate on it to draw them out and it'll send those negative energies into the ground. The stone will clear confusion and help draw out any forgotten abilities you had.

Obsidian will open you up to new ideas and show you new horizons to strive towards. Feng Shui says you should place a Black Obsidian in the North, or Bagua, area of your home the area connected with career and your path in life to allow it to clear obstacles in your way to fulfilling ambition in this area.

Pain is alleviated with this stone, from disorders such as arthritis and joint pain, you can do this by placing a stone against the area affected and wrapping a bandage around it to hold it there. If you have bad circulation this stone will help with that too. If you find it too forceful to use you can temper this by also using a more gentle stone  with it such as Rose Quartz, or even using the Snowflake Obsidian which does the same things as a Black one but is more soft for users.

An interesting extra use, the colour black is said to be an absence of light and this stone is meant to help make the user invisible - I bet Harry Potter would have like one of these.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Nephrite Jade

There are two types of Jade, Jadeite and Nephrite Jade. The one being discussed here is the second although they have many of the same properties.

It's called the Dream Stone, not only will it give you lucid dreams but it will help to interpret them if one is put under your pillow. If you add another type of jade, the Gold Jade, it'll help bring a spiritual teacher to your dreams bringing you wisdom.

Green is a colour which is said to attract money to your life and green jade will do the same, hold one in your hand and visualise money being used wisely. The same goes for furthering your career or bringing you one if you are looking for work.

Nephrite Jade will balance the yin and yang in yourself, so you have neither too strongly male or too strongly female energies and can be more balanced in yourself, so if you feel you need encourage yourself more in some behaviour or want to stop another this will aid you, especially if you are overly critical or irritable. It is also a cleanser, good for eliminating waste from the kidneys, spleen and blood.

A lucky stone bringing the user good luck. The property it's most often associated with is love which it is said to attract. For lovers the stone will encourage a deeper love and a more erotic one. It beings users joy and happiness, what a lovely stone to have.

Monday, 15 April 2013


Another powerful stone which should be used with caution both spiritually and physically. If used on the skin place a cloth under it and then only if it has been polished or tumbled, if used spiritually you need to remember that this stone will enhance any feelings or emotions you are getting.

It's an important healing stone, believed that it will become one of the most important healing stones and that it is still evolving. It'll help to remove any negativity in the user, in this way it's beneficial to people battling depression or have had emotional abuse and helps break unwanted ties whilst removing past traumas. It'll help balance any mood swings you might get.

If you want more excitement in your life then carry this stone around with you as it helps to live life more intensely  bringing adventure into your life. Watch out as it encourages risk taking which can be good but do take care, won't you, if you carry this stone. But it does bring change and is a stone of transformation in the user. If you already have been wanting this new energy and adventure it'll show what has been blocking you from going forward with these ideas - but, it might show you what the reasons were that you might not have wanted to see.

Malachite is very good for guarding against radiation and if you live near a radiation source then having one in the house can be very beneficial. It helps clear electromagnetic pollution, and there's plenty of that in the air these days. It is grounding and heals earth energies with a good affinity with nature.

One more thing, it's been called the midwife stone as it helps with childbirth pains and also alleviates menstrual cramps, pmt and the menopause, and is also a protector of children. There are many other uses of this stone as it is a very powerful one - and remember - if you use it take care.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Lapis Lazuli

This is a beautiful blue stone with flecks of gold and white and I apologise for my appalling photo of mine which doesn't do it justice. For those lucky to be born in the month of September this is your birthstone.

This is a powerful crystal, and was once believed to be the original philosopher's stone, probably due to the gold flecks in it. It symbolises inspiration and opens the mind to give users clear thinking and frees the thoughts. Wisdom and truth are also gained with this stone. For these reasons as well as many others it is no wonder it has been revered as a special stone and been very much sought after. This has been going on for many centuries, even the Ancient Egyptians believed it important enough to bury their dead with Lapis Lazuli scarabs, and Tutankhamen covered his sarcophagus with it. Other users were Catherine the Great who used it to cover an entire room in these stones including fireplaces, walls, doors and mirrors. It can be ground into powder and used a colouring and, while Egyptians used it as dyes for clothing and eye shadow, Michaelangelo used it for painting.

It is used to bring clarity of thought while meditating as well as calmness and peace, and is meant to help keep away negative thoughts. While meditating with a Lapis Lazuli you will be able to see into yourself more easily and learn to accept yourself for who you are, though as it is a very powerful stone it should be used with care and caution. But it won't open your mind immediately, it waits till you are ready enough and have the courage to feel the deep powerful mysteries of your higher mind.

Ancient Greeks believed if you dreamed of a Lapis Lazuli it foretells love. The blue colour causes it to be called the water stone which, in Feng Shui, means that like deep powerful water it can carry away negative forces bringing stillness and calm forward instead. Like water it is also purifying.

With the free thinking it promotes along with the problem solving, wisdom and good judgement this is an excellent stone for people in careers such as scientists and inventors. Lawyers and archaeologists can also benefit from these attributes.

Such a beautiful stone, it's understandable there has been so much interest in it, but if you have one do take care is the message given out.

Friday, 12 April 2013


A rare stone found in Greenland. The colour changes as you turn it. I don't have one and haven't yet seen one anywhere, no doubt due to it's being so rare, this obviously pushes the price up too, so it's expensive if you do find one.

This is called the teaching stone, Teachers. Keep one on you while at school, college or university to help communicate to your students as it'll make you more eloquent to them and convey your subject over to them with clarity. It works with the throat chakra, is good for thyroid problems but also with communication and  speaking in general. Useful for teachers it will help you to listen, too. Necessary for a good teacher, I think, to hear their students and what they need, not just to be able to talk at them but with them.

Another use for this gemstone is the ability it gives in aiding you to live this life to the full, to cut through illusions and realise it's important to enjoy life, live it, don't be afraid to live your dreams. The Kornerupine will give energy to you as well, which is probably for the best as you start doing so much more, but at the same time it will calm and stabilise your emotions. It'll cause you to realise each moment is precious.

An interesting side to the Kornerupine is that to is said to reveal messages and answers to the user after giving you flashes of inspiration, or maybe dreams, and that if you have a problem will give the answer to them to help solve them. I don't know about you but I'm sure I could do with a problem solver, sometimes.

Thursday, 11 April 2013


I used this stone when my Daughter#2 was having nightmares a few years ago, we placed one in the middle of the floor of the room as we were advised and left it there over night for a few weeks. It was recommended as it is a good gemstone for fears of the night. As it is a good solid stone which takes it's time to do it's job my daughter had a couple of bad dreams for a short while but they did ease off. Whether this was due to the stone or other factors I don't know but I'm sure it helped. Even just knowing it was there was soothing, power of the mind and all that. It also helps with hazards of the night and I must say that no-one tripped over the stone while it was lying in the middle of the room, and that was very helpful.

As I said, it works slowly but has a strong energy which works it's magic with slow but determined energy. For this reason it it meant to be helpful with someone who might be going through counselling as it works with them in their own time. An aid for overcoming addiction and gathering strength to do this, and is calming for emotions.

The Jasper stone is made from petrified mud and so is considered an earthy, warm stone, very grounding and nurturing. Although it is slow to show a change in people it is still a good stone to carry around. It's good for shy people to help them overcome their timidness, so keep one in your pocket if you feel you need a boost in that direction. It is also meant to help you stand up for what you believe in - for that reason it's useful for those in prefessions where this is needed such as the army, lawyers and police. That last is good to know as my Daughter#2 is thinking about this as her career, a two way help in her case.

One more detail about the Jasper is that it is good for the sense of smell, and while typing this I suddenly connected the police with it again as in police sniffer dogs - or am I going too far now?

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Iron Pyrite

Also known as Fools Gold this stone can make fire by striking it against flint. As this stone makes fire it's not such a hard leap to understand that it's believed to be able to help with lethargy as it gives energy, just like a fire is made up of energy.

It takes away listlessness replacing that with alertness and a feeling of alertness making you feel fresh again. It'll do this for mental tiredness as well as physical giving you endurance for working with your body. Mentally it'll help to improve memory, find ideas and express  those ideas with intelligence.

It isn't surprising to find that for the body it is meant to increase the oxygen in the blood and is also beneficial to the lungs and we know that plenty of oxygen is needed for the brain to work well.

In history it has been discovered that it was used as an amulet by the ancient Mexicans and that their Shamans would use it to aid in meditation, they would carve one side of it with spiritual symbols and polish the other side of it to make a reflective mirror. This was one of the first stones to be used as a healing amulet kept in a Shaman's bag.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Although it's name might conjure up a vision of wolves howling up ant the light of the moon, it doesn't really have anything to do with them, unless you associate wolves with anger. They are strong and powerful animals  and the emotion of anger is, too, so maybe a passing similarity there. This is the anger management stone, you see.

It'll absorb the anger of the user and calm you down, relieving stress. Removing negative emotions such as selfishness and resentfulness it'll bring out the decent side of the user and dispel rudeness as well as any overly critical and general offensive behaviour. If we could only get those members of the public who cause people to worry as they walk around certain areas because of their gang mentality and anti-social behaviours towards innocent by-passers to carry a couple of Howlite stones around with them, wouldn't that be great, imagine how much more peaceful it would be? They encourage the user to be calmer, so if only the police couldn't enforce that as part of their rules. But it is meant to direct anger and bad behaviour away from you too, so carry one around if you are worried some might be coming your way.

Because of the calming nature of the stones they do also aid in restlessness and insomnia and help you sleep deeper once you do fall asleep. For the same attributes it'll help with meditation. It'll bring patience to you.

Another use is for it's memory enhancing, giving you a clearer mind to recall thoughts, or dreams if you have one by the side of the bed. Some people even use it to help remember past lives.

Keep it where stress might occur, in the workplace, or in your bedroom if you have trouble getting to sleep, or just in your pocket to protect against either other people's anger against you or to keep yourself from getting cross. Bit more calm in the world is what we need, don't you think?

Monday, 8 April 2013


Birthstone for January babies.  Linked to the element of fire it is useful for those in professions who need to use to use strength of mind and sometimes of body as well, perhaps, as toughness and courage such as police officers, soldiers, sailors and prison guards, firefighters and doctors. Business women, who sometimes feel they need to be tougher than their male counterparts can use this stone to help reach those objectives or just to help in their positions. In fact ancient soldiers would carry it into battle for protection. It's energising and motivating and helps users get their objectives done to the best of their abilities.  Stamina is raised which would be useful to people with these type of careers, and increases their desire for recognition or even glory. Many garnets are red in colour and they were thought to light up the dark and protect from evil and disaster. As to the lighting of the dark there is a natural luminosity to it coming from it's high refractive index, basically that means it's reflecting back any light out there.

On the subject of the colour red, although there are many other colours of garnets including the popular green one, this is also the colour of passion, and garnets give passion and sexual drive. It encourages sexuality and sensuality and with that stamina which I've already mentioned means it would be useful maybe for couples wanting a little extra, well no more need be mentioned there.

But I will mention the other more physical uses of garnets and the red colour, as this gemstone is an aid for blood disorders as you might imagine, good for the heart and circulation and exhaustion, all good for those in the type of jobs listed above.

But anyone can use a garnet for the attributes it holds, just imagine how it can help with the housework when you're tired and have no motivation for it, try putting on a nice pair of garnet earrings or a necklace and imagine it firing you up to whizzing round the house and making it sparkle - well flylady tells you to clean your sink while wearing heels, it can't be that different can it...?

Saturday, 6 April 2013


If you are a student or need to undertake any studying right now then this is the stone for you. It's great for learning. First of all it will help to neutralise any stress you have while trying to study and will clear away any negative energy so you have a nice clear mind to begin. Then it enhances your concentration, shutting off any mental blocks you might be experiencing. If you have those nagging thoughts that always seems to get into your head when you're trying to do something that needs concentration this gemstone will help to fend them off. Actually, with those attributes it could be a good gemstone for writers, or even blog posters who keep thinking of everything else they need to be doing (*cough* ironing) - I'm not talking about me here, well maybe...

Once you've spent time reading and you need to get your work written down it'll help with that too. The stone will bring intuition to your mind when trying to think what to do if your mind is stuck. It'll help to make the decisions on what to actually put down and be happy with those decisions, as it stimulates both those attributes in you. You'll feel more positive and happy with what you've done - it can be so easy to be thinking 'Oh I should have added that, or not put down that', can't it? Not for nothing was it used by the Ancient Egyptians and Chinese for carving, although perhaps that might have been down to it being a strong stone, but no doubt it helped them to think about what they wanted to carve and get it right.

When I first heard the name Fluorite I did wonder about teeth and yes, it is linked to fluoride that word coming from Fluorite, it does help with strengthening bone tissue which includes tooth enamel.

Other uses are for attracting wealth, and for this reason it is advised to keep a stone on your work desk. You can keep one by your computer if you use one to relieve stress.

It has many colours, including a clear one like mine, and has been called home of the rainbows, and also the most colourful mineral in the world. If you were wondering, another word comes from this stone - fluorescent - as many of it's colours often are, my clear one has many colours showing in the right light although not actually a fluorescent one and is very pretty, I think.

Friday, 5 April 2013


Here is a stone for anyone feeling low. It'll lift your spirits and remove any self doubt you are feeling. That way it'll be helping you to open up to other people instead of hiding away from them. It increases feelings of self worth and accept ourselves for what we are not what we think we should be, that's never a bad thing. It'll help remove and jealousy we might have, too, even aiding in forgiving. The black veins in the stone help strengthen the properties it has.

It's good for opening the eyes and I guess that also means that if we open our eyes to ourselves and see ourselves clearly it's easier to accept that than if we just keep trying to be something else, or someone else. It will bring harmony to oneself which is what we all need, isn't it?

Other healing virtues attributed to this gemstone are that it helps with nervous disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons disease, and is also good for the pancreas and thyroid.

Thursday, 4 April 2013


Now I don't have any diamonds so have whipped this photo off the internet. As this stone is generally associated with either a necklace or engagement ring I have chosen the engagement ring to showpiece this gemstone.

Now, the reason so many people opt for a diamond as the stone of choice in the ring which shows their intention to marry is, well partly for tradition, but also because it is represents purity and innocence as well as faithfulness and love. The translucent white reflecting back at you conjures this up. It is a bonding stone and gives clarity to it's users, as well as bringing new beginnings so it's no wonder people use it as their commitment to marriage stone.

Other uses for the diamond are strength of mind and bravery, it gives fortitude. As a stone known for being extra hard, not only the hardest stone but also the hardest mineral,  and can cut glass this isn't really a surprising attribute. It clears the mind of negative thoughts and helps with imagination - and actually, those too would be very good for an engaged couple.

On the part of healing, clearing occurs again as it helps clear the sight, and glaucoma in the eyes. It is good for the brain and counteracts poisons. It blocks electromagnetic rays, so for those loved up couples calling each other constantly on the mobile it could help with those dangerous microwaves.

A very beautiful stone, and if you are inclined to think that way, also a very useful one. Do you, or would you, have one for your engagement ring?

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


The chrysoprase, which I have pictured above in it's raw form, is a green stone useful for achieving a deep meditation.

It's a good stone for families as it keeps people truthful and faithful which would help with the parental relationship, also helping to prevent speaking out in anger, and we all feel like a little grouch now and again at our partners, don't we? On the subject of speaking out it manages to help with speaking in general, another useful trait for keeping the relationship on the right side - talk about it, isn't that what the professionals say when a person is feeling cross/sad/whatever? Don't bottle it up, get it out - a chrysoprase stone will help with that. For the individual in this relationship it aids in commitments whilst encouraging independence.

Still on the family it's a good one for preventing nightmare in children and gives a sense of security to them and adults alike. As for illnesses it is said to be able to help heals a variety of them, eye problems, gout, heart problems and, one for the children as well the parents, it is good for digestive ailments. To increase the size of your family you could use it as it helps with fertility.

If there was a little straying on the part of one of the parents this stone again can come into it's own as it is meant to help prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

So there you go, a stone to keep the family together, to grow and keep well.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Sometimes known as the Mother stone it encourages forgiveness, love and affection. It was used as an aid to keep demons and evil spirits away.

It comes in a range of colours, the one pictured above is my golden Beryl in it's raw state, which means it hasn't been polished to make it smooth, the usual term for this is 'tumbled'. The different colours are actually impurities which have discoloured the stones as in it pure state it would be clear. Many people believe the different colours give the stones slightly different attributes, for instance the golden Beryl brings out optimism and hope in it's users, causing others to give golden Beryl users the honesty they want. It is also a good stone for bring stability in work and money, it can be used if you are looking for backers in any business ventures you have, and will boost your enthusiasm in those ventures.

Another coloured Beryl is green which is known as the expensive but very beautiful Emerald. Venus's stone, preserving love and bringing hope and balancing the mind. New life is associated with the Emerald so Spring is a good time for it's use.

Other Beryl colours are red, pink and colourless.

Monday, 1 April 2013

A is for Arlee and Amethyst

Today is the first day of this years A-Z Challenge which I partook in last year and thoroughly enjoyed, so much so that I made sure to join up again this year.

We make our start with A of course and my A is for Arlee to say a big thank you for your creation of this linky which makes it possible for so many to join in with , meet new bloggers and make friends with some of them. I learnt so much last year from it which I will be able to implement in future blogging.

I do have another A which is for Amethyst. I decided to have a theme this year although I haven't checked every letter yet, so there may be a little blagging along the way if I don't find enough matches to the letters. The theme is gemstones.

The photo above is my amethyst which I leave out in the garden as part of the ornamentation so it needed a bit of a wash for the photo. The amethyst is a calming stone which helps protect anyone carrying it. It's good as a stress buster with anxiety lowering properties bringing peace and serenity. A very good allround stone for people. It also is mean to be very spiritual causing people to be able to achieve inner peace, or psychic experiences as well as help with meditating. It's also called the healing stone as it can help with addictions, blood cleansing and can bring down fevers with skin problems being cleared up as another of it's many helpful properties. Pop it under your pillow when you sleep to help with any insomnia you may have or rub it over your forehead if you have a headache. Carry it while travelling as a protection. One of the most recommended stones to have if you were to have any.

I have the one in the garden and have also kept a smaller one close be my bed, maybe it helps or maybe it doesn't but it's nice to have and look either way.