Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Watermelons, Cocomeros and Losing Weight

Daughter#2 and I recently went out for a wander. On the way back we saw a stack of huge watermelons and it being a warm day were seduced into buying one. Silly us hadn't thought things through - we were at least 25 minutes walk away from home and those things weigh a ton!

Here's some to drool over

Well we had to share the carrying, and as the flimsy carrier bag threatened to break at any second we needed to carry it cradled in our arms as if it were a baby, a very heavy baby.

We took it in turns and I gave myself a little pep by imagining the weight dropping off me as I carried this great heavy thing, hoping my not loved handles might benefit too.

Finally we reached home and gave ourselves the best reward, slices of that lovely juicy (heavy) watermelon, mmm. Definately worth the effort. I have no idea if I lost any weight while carrying it, especially as I had the help from strong armed daughter#2 but at least you surely can't put any on from eating those things, indeed I'd go so far as hoping they have the celery effect of helping you lose as you eat.

All the way home I sang the cocomero song, although both daughter#1 and daughter#2 protest and insist the singer is actually singing
'Boom Badoom Boom
Boom Badoom Boom
He's Got That Super Bass'

Tell me, how can those lyrics sound like Cocomero Cocomero'? Anyway, that's my take on it and that's what I sing. If you're wondering, cocomero is Italian for watermelon.

Make your own mind up, here's the link to the song is she singing about juicy watermelons or some man with a deep voice? By the way, that watermelon is all eaten up already, delish.

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