Sunday, 24 July 2011

Holidays Are Here

The English summer holidays officially began yesterday, though a lot of schools had an in service day on Friday. Daughters #1and 2 finished early that day and have been recuperating since. D#2 especially has been feeling washed out from her early mornings and full days at school and is doing what she likes best now to relax, namely sleeping, watching tv or using the laptop, mostly done in her pyjamas.

I don't know what daughter#1 is doing as she has disappeared into her room only emerging for meals and bathroom use. I think she's been playing around with hairstyles and putting up even more posters of pop stars and film/tv stars on her bedroom walls (which have no almost disappeared), most of whom I've never heard of, but that's understandable to D#1 and 2 because I am, of course, OLD.

I have been trying without success to get them to come out with me, there's a fair in the public park about 20 minutes away for instance, but neither of them will come with me as I am not one of their friends as well as being OLD. If a friend of theirs were here they'd have energy and interest to go to these places I keep asking them about, but as no friends are here these things are BORING. How they can be boring to go with me but fun with a friend only they can understand. I may have felt the same at their age but as I am so OLD I can't remember that far back - according to them, anyway.

But I digress, yes holidays are here and I do hope we all have lots more fun soon - outside in the fresh air.

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