Sunday, 3 July 2011

Some of the things we saw on our visit to Germany

It was last October when we went, but I feel it's ok to post some pictures of it even though it was a while back. It's such a beautiful country and has lovely things there. The main difference Germany has compared to where we live goes, without saying, is the absolute neatness and cleanliness it has. It's also so ordered. Nothing is ever out of place or it'll be commented on and set right immediately, so unlike many other Countries.

It's unusual, too, in the way it's laid out, at least in the part we visit which is Bavaria. There are many villages with house after house, all detached from each other with plenty of space in between. These villages are faily large, with a mile or so before you come to the next one - village after village. There are towns but they aren't very large, or at least most are not. Many people need to commute to work, they don't think anything of travelling long distances to work, it's just the way they do things here. So much space and so much clean fresh air, a good environment for children to grow up.

They are also very fond of cutsey things, you see these types of things around all over the place such as cute barrows of flowers. This type of thing

            I love how they let you know what's inside by the writing on the wall

                                                    How old is this barn?

                                                            And this one?

          This building is advertising it's wares outside, too. In this case it's beautiful metal rails.

A Schloss

Another cutsey thing

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