Thursday, 7 July 2011

House Hunting

Do we or don't we, that is the question.

Do we move or don't we move? Or do we fix the kitchen or don't we? What do we do?

Hey! I'm asking YOU because we don't know!

The problem is (and when isn't it?) a question of money. Do we have the money to move to a nice area, a larger house, off road parking, close to the girl's school and with plenty of amenities close by. Or is that too expensive? If it is then do we spend a lot of our money extending our kitchen, making it a larger more family oriented room to spend time in, easily able to fit all my kitchen gadgets in which I can't seem to stop buying, and also to fit all my family and friends in when they are here with plenty of space to cook, sit and relax? If we do that then we need to stay put, no moving for a long time as we will have wasted a lot of cash for no return.

If we stay will we be living in an area which is degenerating again with bad neighbours moving in, or will it stay the same, that we are worrying for nothing and it's worth hanging on in here a few more years?

Please tell us because WE don't know.

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