Friday, 15 July 2011

My Blog Gadgets

I love my blog gadgets. Over time I have added some and removed some. The ones I have right now are my favourites. They are found usually by finding them on other blogs and linking from there. Sometimes they don't work out on this blog and need to be discarded.

The first one you see is the Welcome to my Family and Friends as you are all welcome to come, sit back with a glass of wine or cup of tea, or whatever you prefer. Anyone who wants a read is a friend to me, and my family are all special and carry a place in my heart.

Next a bit a of blurb about myself which you can skim past if you wish - no offence taken.

After that another indulgence of mine, daydreaming, one of my very favourite pastimes, about so many things I couldn't begin to talk about them.

Then we have the weather, first where we live, then of my parents where they live so I can always know what they are experiencing. This also gives me an idea of what they will be up to according to how hot, cold or rainy it is - not that it rains too much over there. I can guess if they are sunning themselves on the beach, or cooling themselves indoors with aircon, or whatever.

The book I'm reading comes next, linking to another great site, Shelfari, where I can keep tabs on what I've read.

The Human Calender is so much fun, seeing those faces every day always makes me smile, and laugh too at some of the silly ones they pull.

Families are Forever then, and so they should be.

In quick succession there are - books I like, followed by the real reason I blog. Edgar just because he's cute. I have no followers as yet, oh well, haha.

And then is the Feedjit telling me who's been on. Recently it's been Mr Woodstock Illinois and Mr Brussels Belgium - 'Hi there to you both, thanks for passing by!'

Blog Archive comes next and Oh my goodness only 162 days till Christmas! Must get a move on with the organisation of it all!

Do you like my parrot and falling coconuts? No, that's not a euphemism for anything! Behave yourself.

Finally, if you would be so kind to feed my spider at the bottom, she does get so hungry, a couple of double clicks should give her a few flies to munch on while I'm not here.

That's all, thank you for reading and do leave a comment, byeee.

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