Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Favourite Film

This is Daughter#2's favourite film and her review of it in her own words:

The Proposal

The Proposal is about this lady who is a boss in a company that writes stuff but she is a really horrible bossy person and no-one likes her. She's Canadian so she's going to get deported back to Canada. So then she pretends to be engaged to her executive assistant. So then she'll become, like, American. But the guy's not really happy with it because he could get a $250,000 fine and five years in prison if it's found out that it's a sham.

So, they go to Alaska where his family lives and it's, like, it's a comedy so it's really funny. But on the wedding day (because his family think they should get married that weekend) she owns up and she is going to be sent back to Canada but he follows her back to the company and they find out that they love each other. That's basically the end.

I didn't not like anything, it was all funny.

Words by Daughter#2

Link to web page of the film if you are interested:

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