Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Scouts AGM

Yesterday A (daughter n#2) and I went to her Scouts Annual General Meeting. Basically a lot of talk about finances, reports and people being elected to the Executive Committee. This can get a little boring and go on too long, though this year they did speed things up a bit.

There was an extra interesting bit yesterday, too. This year celebrates the 25th Anniversay of the Beavers being affiliated into the Scouting movement, so daughter #2's group showed their appreciation by burying a time capsule in the back garden of the scout hut. Luckily the chauffeur had already been in that day to do some gardening and tidying up so it all looked nice for the scout leaders, scouts, cubs and beavers as well as their parents who went out to watch it being buried.

The clear plastic box was presented and placed in the ground by the first ever beaver leader from this group, but before this could happen we all had our photo taken by a photographer for the local town newspaper. This took some time as he cajoled us to stand here, move in there, squeeze up there till we were precisely where he wanted us all, with a smile on our faces. The leader who had dug the hole had to hold up his spade for the photo and to hold it just so, the ex beaver leader had to hold the box up high and finally a few photos were taken by the photographer who was precariously standing at the top of some rickety step ladders. We are in the newspaper today.

A few words were spoken and the box containing some photos and other memorabilia of the last 25 years of the group's beavers was buried.

My favourite part of the evening was the scouts presentation which consisted of a little sketch they had made up between them. Daughter #2 and another scout made the introductions and narrated the events, and 3 other scouts stood in  line in front of the audience of leaders and parents, this went as follows:

D#2  "Good evening and welcome everyone, and today we are going to tell you a bit about Comedy Pie Throwing - The History. First - the pie in the face..."

One scout slapped a paper plate containing squirty cream into the face of the hapless scout in the middle of the other two, cream all over her face and hair

D#2 "Second - we have the pie on top of the head..."

3rd scout slaps paper plate of cream on top of poor middle scout, cream drips down her hair and she looks down with her hands spread

D#2 "Third - we have the double..."

Both scouts slap paper plates of cream on each side of poor middle scouts face at once

D#2 "Fourth - we have the head into pie..."

Head of middle scout gets pushed into a plate of cream

D#2 "And finally - we have the hit and miss..."

Middle scout gets pushed by one of the others, spins right round while the other scout tries to splat her in the face who misses the first time but gets her on the return. Cream all over head and shoulders.

D#2 "Thank you for watching our little sketch, hope you enjoyed it"

This last being said whilst trying not to laugh out loud but with a big grin on her face.

It was very funny and well done, and a big hit with all adults as well as the cubs and beavers who were literally holding their sides. I just wish I could show you all.

Afterwards I helped serve the tea and cream cakes which went into mouths not hair this time. Daughter#2 and her friends went running around, gossiping in the girls toilets and generally having a great time. A good AGM this year.

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