Friday, 8 July 2011


You may have noticed I've been playing around with the layout and colours of this blog lately. I've changed the template to the one called 'simple' from what I had last time of 'ethereal'. I've kept it white so it's just about as 'simple' as you can get, and have added a photo to the title header.

The font is changed and enbolded to make it easier to see as we don't want you squinting to read what's been written here.

The other thing that's changed are some of the colours. The post is just plain black but the titles are purple, and the reason I've chosen purple is because, at the moment, the favourite colour of A is purple. Everything is purple, clothes, trainers, sunglasses. If she sees anything she passes which is this colour she calls out 'Purple!' She just loves it. One reason, apart from just liking it anyway, is that it's also the favourite colour of a certain pop star she's very fond of right now. More about that in another post. Her love of purple is so much that even her lovely Nana now calls her Purple A.

So, that is why I have chosen purple for this blog's titles.

No doubt more changes will come, I'm trying to find a layout that works across the whole screen without messing up some of the features, but can't seem to find anything which does what I want correctly yet. In the meantime, I'm toying with the idea of making the background purple - or would that be just a little too much??

And on that note I will leave you with just one word:


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