Thursday, 19 April 2012


  This post isn't anything so much about the word as about the business my parents in law had which was named Quintessential. They gave it this name due the the quintessentialness of their products and also because it was a play on the word 'essential' as they sold essential oils and products using them.

They made wonderful shampoos, bubble bath, moisturising cream and other items of this nature. The products were made to recipes devised by my mother in law. She had started her career as a nurse, midwife then matron of a private boarding boys school. She left this type of work to study the body in a slightly different way and also aromatherapy and, using this study, became a masseur. This naturally led on to her Quintessential business. I still have never found a better body lotion for my daughter#1's eczema or chest rub for my daughter#2's persistent cough.

They sold their wares in a centuries old manor house along with other craft sellers such as a quilter. There were other craftsmen outside like a blacksmith, some glass makers and potters. A horse and cart carried visitors around the very pretty village situated right next to the house. My in laws had an entire field in the grounds where they grew several varieties of lavender from which, when harvested, they distilled their own lavender oil. It was all quite idyllic.

Quintessential means the best, and their products were the best, being sold in the best setting.


Suzie said...

Great post. I wish I could buy some products like this where I live. I love the play with words on the name.

Francene Stanley said...

This sounds like the ideal craft village from the days of old. I don't mean the very distant past, but the seventies. People were yearning for a better way of life back then. Blog on!

DayDreamer said...

Suzie, you can usually buy these type of products from anyone with a homemade homoeopathic kind of business.

Francene, there are still some people from the '70's who started up simple living communes etc several of which are still going.