Saturday, 7 April 2012

Gem Stones

These stones which often called crystals can, according to some, have healing properties. Strange to think a bit of stone can actually heal your body or even your mind. They come in different colours, textures and even weight. The colours themselves have their own healing properties.

No-one knows for sure why these stones can do these things, but many believe it is due to the vibrations they send out. If the entire Universe has a vibration, a kind of sound wave if you like, then apparently everything else does too, it's own specific frequency. It's thought that gemstones have particular frequencies which are in tune with ailments either in the body or mind and sometimes both. The 'ailments' are often just emotional blockages that occur and the stones can break the blockage, opening people up to feeling the correct way. What the stones ultimately do is balance people out. For instance if there is a kidney problem certain stones can redress this by balancing the body in other ways so correcting the kidney problem. This is seen as healing the ailment, though it is more of a correction in other areas of the body.

Stones which heal kidneys include Carnelian and Jade.

There is more to it than just the stones themselves, you need to know what to do with them. Sometimes just by holding them can help, or holding them and perhaps meditating with or on them. They can be placed near the problem area, or on the corresponding Chakra area of which  there seven, so the stone or crystal for a kidney problem would probably be placed on the nearest Chakra to where the kidney is located, perhaps the sacral Chakra.

Placing a certain stone near where you while you work can increase your alertness to help your productivity, or near your bed to help you sleep. Wearing them as a necklace or in another way can help. If you write and have writers block use a Citrine and hold it to your head or lie with it on your forehead for a while to open your mind to knew ideas.

I am no expert in this matter at all and haven't even had much experience in any way with the healing powers of stones but do find them utterly fascinating. There are many in my home and I buy them frequently. I think after this A Z Challenge I may do an occasional feature on a particular stone and talk more at length about that stone. I'm sure anyone more expert that I may find there are many inaccuracies with what I have written though I have tried to be as correct as possible and am learning all the time about them. I don't know if they really can do all these things or if it is all just a belief in them that makes it work, but there are many many people who claim these stones have helped or healed them in some way, so they are worth trying at least. And they are very pretty, too.


TMW Hickman said...

I love collecting stones. Carnelian is one of my favorites, but Hematite is a big hit, too. I like to carry a Hematite stone in my hand--I like the 'heft' of it, if that makes any sense.

Plus, just the idea that I can use that stone to bean someone who is being annoying is very calming.

DayDreamer said...

Lol, TMW, I guess the stones have many different uses for helping.

Julia said...

Hey there! Popping in from the A to Z hop...

Just wanted to say that as a handmade jeweler, I find the subject fascinating. On one hand, I believe that an object has whatever intrinsic values we associate to it... on the other hand, it's not all "mumbo jumbo." Amber worn on the neck of a teething baby DOES reduce pain and swelling, for example.

That being said, however, I have a book on the healing properties of gems, and some of it is pretty out there. Pearls, for example, are supposed to warn "sensitive people" of "imminent danger"... my question being, if the person in question does not wear his or her pearls that day, will said person not feel the danger? Will said person be in more trouble on that day, compared to another?

On the other hand, different stones DO "feel" differently, and have been known to help with cleansing rituals and the like. I'm really on the fence with this whole issue.

Just wanted to say thanks for a good read along my journey! My goal is to read every single blog on the list, at least once, so I'd better hurry along!

*~* Julia *~* *~*