Monday, 9 April 2012

H is for Hello

Hello! Hello to anyone reading this. I've been having a lot of fun popping around reading the blogs of other people doing this challenge and saying hello to them, it's been a very enjoyable way to meet people and see their blogs. Anyone else who pops by from other blogs also a very big Hello to you too, it's always nice to have people come by.

We must never be too shy to say hello, whether in the Blogesphere or in real life, too. Go to that party, or that work function, see someone whoo looks interesting but you feel too shy or intimidated to go up and speak? Chances are they've noticed you and feel the exact same way. Take the plunge and go for it, if no-one starts with that oh so simple yet sometimes so hard to say word then we'd never meet anyone.

I always felt a little shy to speak to Bloggers, (same as I feel in real life too, quite often, strangers I think I'll never see again I'm fine with, but at a party of mutual friends - no), and apart from one or two very lovely Bloggers it wasn't till this challenge that I felt I could talk to any more. I'm going to try to take the impetus and use it when I go about in real life situations, too.

So again, a very big Hello to you!


S. L. Hennessy said...

Hello back! And may I say, I LOVE the title of your blog. I was cracking up as soon as I saw it. Great post and happy A-Z blogging!

Joy Ciaffoni said...

Hi to you! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. Nice to meet you. I like the gem stones blog too. I recently read a bit about them in an Ayurveda book. Interesting stuff.

leigh said...

Hi! I agree with previous poster... Great blog name :)
I'm loving the new blogs too!
Stop by and see my twins although tomorrow is just about one of them :)
Leigh #893 on challenge

DayDreamer said...

Thanks to you all for stopping by. Glad you like the name, it probably strikes a resonance with all parents, or anyone who used to be a teenager :)

ayjay said...

Hello! I too am funny about parties (and 'networking' events agghhhh). Your blog is sweet :)
Happy A-Z'ing!
~AJ @

DayDreamer said...

Thanks Ayjay.

ElaineLK said...

Love this post. I'm shy, too, and have trouble saying hello to strangers, though I've gotten a little better as I've gotten older. Thanks for stopping by my blog.