Tuesday, 3 April 2012


C or see or sea or si is today's letter.

Ceeee. It sounds like a swooshy letter, a sliding letter, Ceeee. I wonder if I can make a C slide...

        c                 c
      c                  c 
   c                   c  
c                 c c c c c   

A sliding C

So, what other C's were there? 
Sea - blue and cool, good to swim in. 
See - various meanings, including vision, the Holy See and also as a request of understanding (do you see?).
Si - yes, for certain languages.

The phonetic pronunciation for C is Cuh. Cuh Cuh, sounds like a cough

Cuh Cuh
But I coughed, not sneezed
Then maybe that should be Cuhsundheit

Sorry sorry, ignore that joke (joke?!).

So that's my letter of the day today. C


Paula Martin said...

An interesting take on the letter C! (just popping in from the A-Z Challenge) Good luck with the rest of the alphabet.

Colin Smith said...

You are just having entirely too much fun with this, aren't you? :)

DayDreamer said...

Thanks to you both :)