Monday, 2 April 2012

Bacon Butty

Two Bs for the price of one. Bacon Butties is the B blog for today in the A-Z Challenge. When thinking up a B blog I wonder if I should have Two B or not Two B, that is the question?

I have decided Two Bs it is To B.

Bacon Butties, yum yum. No sauce at all, not red, nor brown and no mustard either. Just a thin spread of butter and some of the grease of the bacon to moisten it. Mmmm. Crispy but not too much crunch. just enough of a snack to assuage hunger for a while till the next meal comes along. Best at Brunch time, after Breakfast and before lunch to stave off those hunger pangs. Sadly only on occasion as too many Bacon Butties make for Big Bellies.

Would you like to see one, now, after all that talk? Don't drool over your computer/laptop, you might get a malfunction and I'd be so sorry my Bacon Butty blog caused that. Here you go:

Of course there are other ways to make them, you can toast the bread, have a bun, add salad, but to me that's just taking away from the pure unadulterated taste of Bacon Butty.

How do you like yours?


Colin Smith said...

In my pre-vegetarian days, when I was a child growing up in the UK, my Mum would occasionally make bacon sarnies for us. I enjoyed them plain and simple as you depict, but I confess to also liking them with liberal amounts of ketchup. Thanks for bringing back some happy childhood memories. :)

Hope Roberson said...

I'm hungry now, I need to go make myself a sandwich :)

Kate Larkindale said...

Oh I love a good bacon buttie. But I like avocado and mayo on mine too...

Betsy said...

I love bacon. :) We eat BLT's here in the USA..Bacon, tomato and lettuce sandwiches.

I loved your 100 list and love so many things that you do! So glad I found you through the AZ Challenge!

DayDreamer said...

Thank you everyone. There are so many variations on how to have your butty.