Wednesday, 18 April 2012

People Watching

One of the best pastimes, in my opinion. Nothing much beats sitting in a cafe, for instance, with a latte and a piece of cake watching the world go by. Outside,  weather permitting, you can watch people walk past going about their business, shopping in hand or not. I don't buy into this idea that people should not watch others, nor to be interested in them. Why can't we wonder about each other? I've never understood the notion that we should mind our own business and to keep our noses out, that makes for a sadder world, ignoring those who have nothing to do with us. Are we not all connected in some way? Some countries are more likely to believe this than others. In Italy there is no way you can be anonymous, as your neighbours will know what you are doing and don't have any compunction in discussing it with their friends and family. They know what you are doing as they will have observed it, not to be malicious in any way but simply because they are interested. I love this way.

Anyway, back to my cafe watching. I do enjoy wondering where the people walking past will be going, to the opticians just there? Or the bank across the way? Ah, there he goes, into the florists, I wonder what flowers he's buying, are they for his wife, his mother? Indoors I wonder about the other customers, that young couple there, holding hands and giggling so much, is this an early date as they are behaving differently from that couple sitting companionably but not talking much, they look happy but more established. The ladies at that table with several bags of shopping, is this meeting a regular thing or are they here buying for a special occasion and stopping for a quick rest.

Other places to people watch are public places such as a town square or places where lots of people gather. There's a lovely harbourside in my town next to the river where people go, especially on sunny weekends, people just wander up and down which is nice to do and to watch.

Okay, okay, maybe I am a bit nosy, but really I am simply interested as people are interesting. There's no rudeness involved, I don't want to poke my nose in, it's a passing curiosity is all. There is a difference.

What do you think? Is it nosy or is it acceptable?


Jeremy Bates said...

As a kid I used to watch people at the zoo watching the animals. The former were funnier than the latter.

Nowadays, I find myself watching people when I sit at Starbucks at the mall chilling out.

DayDreamer said...

I can imagine that about the zoo, lol.
Glad I'm not the only one to watch while at the cafe.