Wednesday, 4 April 2012

D = Daughters

Of which I have two. See my blog name, it kind of gives it away. Today's blog may be a little self indulgent, please forgive.

"Daughters are like flowers, they fill the world with beauty."

The author of this quote is unknown, but they knew daughters. 

They do fill the world with beauty. They can also fill it with strife. Many people say a daughter can be so much more difficult to bring up than a son. They say sons are Mummy's boys but girls will argue, and fight back. They are more worrisome for the things which could happen to them, the dangers out there. I have no son, but I have nephews and know the sons of friends. I don't think girls are harder to raise, they just have different considerations to think about. We need to love and nurture our girls, give them the space they need, don't stifle but gently encourage to go the safest way, the ways we have already learned to be the more secure way as we grew older and now understand. They may listen, but ultimately they will learn for themselves.

My daughters are for me a very lovely thing to blog about and I could talk about them forever but will try to keep things more succinct.

The eldest, who has a very independent personality, is turning into a nice young lady, kind, helpful and gentle, who will chat with me about girly things and watch the type of films we both enjoy together.

The younger has a very different personality, is very clever, both with her hands and with her intellect, is also kind and fun loving. She helps with my technophobia, but still enjoys and gives us cuddles.

I feel blessed to have had them, without my girls my life wouldn't be so colourful, so full and so happy. At times they may drive me crazy and The Chauffeur drives them everywhere making him crazy, but we'd never want anything different, they keep us so happy.


Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

Aw. You sound like a wonderful mom! Your girls sound pretty great too!

Anna@ Herding Cats & Burning Soup

Betsy said...

Your daughters sound wonderful! I only have boys! And you sound like such a wise, loving mum! What a great theme for 'D'!

DayDreamer said...

Thank you both. My girls do mean a lot to me, though of course boys are as wonderful as girls as my nephews prove all the time :)