Thursday, 8 September 2011

Bit of Chat

Sorry to do another rainy weather post but that's pretty much all that's been happening around here. We're still wet and cold, right now it's persistently drizzling outside and I'm sat indoors with a jumper on. I do know it's so baking hot in Italy some people are really suffering, they're meant to have had it broken by now but it's not happened yet - stay strong, it will change soon.

 Other things round here, well the girls have started back at school. Daughter#1 is now doing her options, one subject she's never had before was psychology but as they're still getting into the swing of school there's nothing much to report on what she thinks of it yet as they are getting used to the new teacher and are just discussing what they'll be studying still.

  Daughter#2 is excited to be back and getting to know new teachers also, today going on a cross country run outside the school (glad I'm all out of that side of things, bad enough running let alone in this rain, sport was never my thing) and is pleased with her football team win at the weekend. We're finding it amusing that she's been invited to a birthday party with an Oscars theme. She trying to find an actress or singer who doesn't get glammed up to copy. There was a couple of days where she was teaming up with one friend to go as Luigi from the Mario brothers and would have needed blue dungarees and and a green top and baseball cap, now she's thinking of the Spice Girls, unfortunately Sporty has been taken, can't see her as Posh!!

 Talking of glamming up daughter#1 has been choosing her prom dress - it's only 2 yrs away so we'd better get cracking, haha. Here's a couple of the dresses she likes, she wants long skirts

Here's one I go for, assuming I looked like the model wearing the dress that is, the bigger and flouncier the better, lol

That's all there is today in this post, I need to post something as my poor blog was feeling a little neglected and was trying to get my attention. I've given her something to keep her occupied for a while, hope she's satisfied, (capricious little thing she can be). Speak soon, bye all.

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