Thursday, 22 September 2011

Kitchen Ideas

Ok, I've finally decided what type of kitchen I want. I have ummed and ahhed long enough between styles and have at long last come to a decision. Nothing out of the ordinary so don't get excited now.

It'll have painted cupboards, a white glossy marble tiled floor and painted walls. The ceiling, as we knew from the beginning, will be part window, but we're not sure if it'll be possible to have it in one whole sheet right across or several smaller ones with frames, and also whether it can come part way down the wall. As for the layout we made up our minds about that right at the beginning too, units under the window running round, leaving space for a large table the other side of the room.

As soon as planning permission has gone through we'll be able to go to a kitchen specialist who will be able to advise on the best style and placing of cupboard units etc. They'll be also able to tell us of the latest techniques, and gadgets.

I cannot wait! We first decided on having a new kitchen three years ago, and asked a friend of ours to take on the work. He's good and won't charge as much as some might. Unfortunately he's so good we had to wait two years, then, when they were up he asked us to wait another year! He can't start till next April or so. He's very much in demand, all via word of mouth. Well, at least it's given us time to save, and it's going to cost a lot!

I'm having painted cupboards as opposed to the glossy ones I thought I'd made my mind up about because this way, when I change my mind about the colour as I inevitably will, it can be easily changed, the walls too. Not sure about the colour yet, maybe a nice shade of plum.

Here's a picture of the colour of kitchen daughter#1 would prefer, black, of course. To go with the black bedroom she'd also like...

As things come together I'll post on the blog. I'm always on the lookout for gadgets, ideas and furniture for the ideal kitchen and I'm sure it'll all be posted on here. Next to make up my mind on is the type of table to buy, a big black oak one, scrubbed pine or something else altogether? Hmmm.

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