Friday, 23 September 2011

Filling in Forms and Paying Out Cheques - Money Glitter Graphics

Yesterday there were a lot of forms to be read, processed and filled, with several cheques of our hard earned money thrown in. None for the Chauffeur or myself but all for the girls.

We had first, one for a Night Hike for scouting daughter#2, no money involved
Then one to read only, for permission to allow a vaccine to be administered for daughter#2 
Large cheque for Paris Trip for same daughter
Money given for Scout Subs too

For daughter#1 form for permission to do Work Experience next year
Also form to fill in for allowing her to go on Biology Trip also next year, which involved another large cheque

Their school diaries needed looking through and signing, this is to make sure they are keeping up with their homework. I had pens, cheque books and forms all over the place trying to keep up with them all.

Next week we need to pay the piano teacher for daughter#1, and she tells us the piano needs servicing again, so another large cheque.

Do they appreciate it? Well, would they be true teens if they did?

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