Saturday, 16 October 2010

Strictly Come Dancing

My two favourite dances from last week were the terrific Ann Widdicome - love her! And she has created a first, a smile from that nasty judge, (Craig Revellhord - is that his name? A says that's what it sounds like). Here she is

The other from the bloke from Eastenders, who knew he had a dance rhythm (and cute wiggle!)? Here he is

A is watching it with me now while E gets on with her science assignment on the laptop, wish my homework had been so much fun, I might have actually done it then! The fires lit, lamp on, cosy here and lovely dancing and pretty dresses to watch, aah.

Here's Strictly. By the way, do you like our new bit of Ikea under the TV? We've stained in an attempt to posh it up a bit

                                                    And here's the fire

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