Friday, 15 October 2010

Quiet Evening

Just E and myself in tonight, A is having tea at my friends to keep her son company and C has chauffeured himself off to Devizes, a town around an hour from here to visit his friend and his girlfriend in their new cottage. He'll most likely stay the night as they'll probably go for a pint (or 3) and meet up with lots of people he's not seen in a while.

A is lovely to be going to tea and spending time with my friends son. Sadly being autistic and children his own age not quite knowing how to be with him, he doesn't have any other friends and regards A as his favourite. He's so exited she's coming over this evening.

The types of activities they'll get up to may involve going out for a while with one of his teachers on bikes or scooters, then back home to eat, afterwards making jigsaws, followed by the boy's favourite activity of computer games - just like most other kids, including A, so she'll be happy. Then winding down with some unsuitable film from what H tells me, her husband R let her start to watch it last time she went for tea and she didn't get to see it all. I'm not sure it's something she should see but R loves to indulge my girls, hmm.

What'll I do with E tonight? Perhaps I could get her to help me organise some cupboards in my room, something I hate and she adores. Sorting out my jewellery, necklaces here, bracelets there, all neat and tidy and easy for me to find when I want it. Or clothes - 'Can I have this Mum?' 'You can't wear that, Mum!' 'This is so old fashioned, Mum!' Most of it will be gone by the end. That'll solve my space problem. And then we'll have a nice bung-in-the-oven ready meal for our tea, easy.

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