Monday, 18 October 2010

An Old Fashioned Evening

Last night we had a slide evening, yes you read it right, we looked at slides - with a projector, slide screen and all. C had brought back from his mother's, not only a table to decoupage and the grandmother clock but his mother's slides, screen and the projector from the 1970's.

A helped set it all up with her dad, getting the height right and the projector facing correctly, remember all that?? Once all set up we settled down to watch, 'Look how long that skirt is' cried the girls at the maxi skirts on view, 'Look at your collar, Dad, they're so long' they laughed, 'And your haircut' 'and your shorts are so short'. C and I marvelled 'Where are the cars?' at the almost empty roads.

We looked at Vienna, Versailles, views from the Eiffel Tower, Amsterdam, a little cottage in on the border between Holland and Germany where in the grounds one foot was in the the one country and the other in, well, the other. Neat and tidy public gardens in Bath in the UK with regimented flowers, mountainsides with sheer drops, caves full of stalactites and boats floating beneath, an Austrian friend of C's mother wearing a traditional cap replete with feather, restaurants in the air- so many wonders.

                                                  Here's us watching

                                                             One of the slides

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