Friday, 8 October 2010

St Marks Rd Festival

Last weekend it was St Marks Rd festival where the scouts always have a stall to raise the profile of the 128th scout group. The leaders go in their uniforms and scouts turn up to help in theirs. A tombola is always one of the highlights of the stall. It's expected that the parents help out here. I don't have a uniform so I get to wear a pinny instead to collect the money - the height of fashion.

This year the festival was held later in the year than usual and due to the organiser of this and the organiser of the community centre not communicating there was another festival for the 20th anniversay of the Community Centre being held on the same day, thus we needed to compete, which I do with gusto shouting out for all to hear 'Tombola! 4 tickets for a pound!'

A enjoyed herself wandering around with her friend R, another scout, coming back occasionally to help find prizes for the winners, but mostly just spending her and my money on the goodies from other stalls. That's her, 9th picture down eating a dhall and curried vegetables given away free from the local Morroccan. Tables were laid from end to end on the street for everyone to eat the free food.

My pictures are still not up to much while I still get used to the new camera, but you get the idea. Note the diverseness of the people who live here.

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