Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Firemen in the House

Lucky us! We had a fire check last evening which meant a couple of burly firemen came in and had a little check around to see if we have the right safety measures in case of fire. They were impressed with our extinguisher by the front door, the fire blanket in a kitchen cupboard and two smoke alarms exactly where they should be. They asked when we last checked them, to which we were able to say frequently, meaning every time I burn the toast.

As our house is on a corner it got used as a meeting point so we had several more burly firemen squeezed into our narrow corridor discussing their evening so far. Lovely!!

They left us (far too soon in my opinion) with a booklet, and some new alarms to replace ours when the batteries run out with new ones which should last us 10 years, or possibly a lot less with my record of toast burning.

I didn't get a chance to photograph them as their visit was all too short (for me), so I leave you with a couple of pics of the firemen from the St Marks Rd fair the other week

                                                             A fire engine, taken by A

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