Monday, 25 October 2010

Going Away

It's half term and we're off to Germany to visit C's family in an hour. I thought I'd just pop on to say I'll be away for a few days. Looking forward to seeing the new baby born since our last visit to C's sister.

Apparently it's cold out there so we've packed lots of  woollies, hats and gloves. We're only allowed 3 cases between us but as we're only out there a few days we managed to get all our bulky winter clothing in alright. Hope all the rules and regulations aren't going to bother any of our packing, there are so many now and don't they keep changing?!

The girls are sad at saying goodbye to their pets but they'll be in good hands as a friend will be coming every day to feed and water them.

Here are the suitcases, all packed and ready to go, C and A are sharing, C is the closed tidy half, and A is the muddled half, of course.


                                                            E has her own.

                                                        All finished and ready to go

Ok, all packed -check
House tidied and cleaned - check
Everyone hair tidy and travel clothes on - check
That's it - we're off!

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