Friday, 9 August 2013

Green Gromit

 This is a 5 foot Gromit from the Gromit Unleashed trail raising money for Bristol Children's hospital which is Wallace and Gromit's chosen charity. Well no, actually it is from the  Aardman Animation's Grand Appeal who have been for many years raising money for this hospital. It's a very attractive hospital with colourful corridors and wards and even has Wallace telling you to watch out in one of the lifts so you don't trap your feet or fingers in the closing doors.

This year they have the Gromit Unleashed Trail for members of the public to go around Bristol and see no less than 80 Gromits painted by various businesses or celebrities. This one above has been painted by First Bus and aptly stands near a bus stop which you can see in the photograph.

Say 'Hi!' Gromit.

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