Saturday, 17 August 2013

Overcast Day

It's so dull and overcast today, with threatens of heavy rain to come. And to think we were going to be having a lovely family picnic with a lot of our relations in a picturesque park. I was imagining picnic rugs and hampers, food such as salamis, olives and cheeses with crusty bread, maybe white wine spritsers, floaty dresses, children's laughter as they kicked a football around. But now, we're all home due to the threat of rain, feeling chilly and in my case surrounded by the ever present view of housework to get on with - I thought I'd got away with that one today.

Sad not to meet up with family, it's always fun to catch up and spend time together. We will be trying again and hoping for a sunny Saturday in September.

But this is August in the UK, the weather makes it's own decisions and loves trying to outwit us, having a little laugh behind it's clouds as it watches us organise barbeques, weddings, outdoor festivals and picnics. Hey, it says, enjoy your outdoor entertainment in July and August, those are my hot, sunny and dry months. Then it waits till they come along and pounce! it lets rip with miserable dark days and a bit of wind thrown in for good measure.

Grr at you weather, no matter, We're British and will have fun anyway even if our teeth are gritted and we wear coats over our T shirts and shorts! We won't let you  get the better of us!

Enjoy your Summer wherever you are.

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