Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Pinterest Fail

I am one of the many lovers of Pinterest. It's not to everyone's taste but can be useful to help with projects, as in the case of  a mood board to put ideas together for a room needing decorating. I used one board for pinning ideas for the kitchen we were getting extended and re-decorated, there are still lots of great photos of things I am gradually adding to this room, often with slight variations. These are things I may never have come up with myself but see them on the Pinterest site and realise how they could be incorporated into my new kitchen.

It's not just good for mood boards, or creative ideas, you can make boards for just about anything. Loads of brides to be use it for pinning ideas for their weddings. Holidayers or those dreaming of travelling pin photos of beautiful locations. Hair style ideas, clothing styles and fantasy boards are popular.Then there are the food pins with recipes.

 Pinterest is well known for looking but not doing, that means we pin the pictures and say we will make this or do that but the pins are only as far as this goes.  One popular pin is a saying which says something like 'My house will be so beautiful and organised, my clothes so stylish, my meals so delicious and varied. Now I just need to tear myself off Pinterest, stop pinning and start actually doing all this'.

 I've put into pracice many of my kitchen design ideas as I've already said and have made another start on the recipes. Now one more thing Pinterest is well known for is that often the things we do actually get around to trying never end up looking like the pin. Above is how my Sweet Mini Monkey Rolls should have turned out and below is my pathetic attempt. They did taste nice, to be honest, but too tough to eat, sadly. Ho hum, better luck next time.

Here is the link to the site the original recipe comes from if you want to try it out:

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