Thursday, 9 May 2013

Reflecting on the A-Z Challenge

Well, it's over now and it was fun while it lasted if a little tiring. This was my second year and I will be signing up for next year's.

Things learned:

Write posts in advance
Set a specific time aside for posting
Set a specific time aside for reading and commenting on other blogs
Organise which blogs to return to to check on comments so I don't get lost trying to find them

Finding new blogs to read is one of my favourite parts of the challenge, it's great to come across ones with content you may not have expected, some with light yet fun posts, others more informative with thoughtful insights, but all so well thought out even the light-hearted ones were cleverly done. It was so interesting to find all the different themes people had, too. Last year I didn't have a theme but found it easier to stick to one topic this year.

The new category list was useful but for me not too important as I like to dive into a blog and be surprised at it's contents so I didn't always look at the codes before clicking on the title. The diversity makes things more interesting, reading the codes first could make it too easy to stick to one category. The daily challenge posts were a great help, a boost to keep going, plus reading the comments every day helps so much with feeling a part of something, a kind of joining together. It was also a good way to see things in a different way as people posted their thoughts and opinions.

I did try to comment on as many of the posts as I could but often went back to the same blogs and read several posts together before adding a comment, especially with favourite blogs. Most people had their captcha turned off but I still found it difficult to post on some blogs, especially the wordpress ones, I think a lot of people don't realise how difficult it can be to find the comment box. The same goes for people who comment who I would love to have responded to but couldn't find their blogs as I am not a member of google+  which you seem to need to be to get into some other people's blogs unless I am missing something simple, easy for me to do.

All lots of  fun and will be thinking up a new theme ready for next year.


Suzanne said...

Hi, found you on the reflections post :) Love your theme for the A-Z.
Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

susan said...

Congrats ON FINISHING THE a-z challenge.

Interesting and pretty theme. I don't know anything about gems so have learned some by reading your posts.

Thanks for visiting me.

Sandy said...

No, you didn't miss something. Google+ requires you to join to leave a comment, and I've read lots of folks being irritated with that, as well as the difficulty with disgus blogs. I'd forgotten how small and hard word press blogs are to find where to comment. They have 2,000 options and often comments is the smallest and last, like they don't care if leave a comment? I found a large number of wordpress bloggers bashing Blogger, I think in general, people shouldn't have to work to leave a comment.

I'm your newest follower.

Maggie Winter said...

I'm running behind as usual and still going round reflection posts. We seem to have had a similar experience, on the whole very positive, except I seem to have been extremely lucky and haven't had a single problem commenting. Of course I'm no fan of Captcha :)
Still need to come back and read all your fab gem posts, I will I promise, I've used some for years but you a great list. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

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