Monday, 1 August 2011

St Fagins

We all went to the Welsh Natural Histoy Museum the other week, meeting up with my Aunt and Uncle. Naturally as soon as we got over the boarder into Wales it began to rain, but by the time we arrived at our destination it had dried up and the weather was quite nice.

Unfortunatly the camera decided to break down on us for some unexplicable reason so we didn't get very many shots at all, spending a good deal of our time just trying to fix the darn thing instead of looking around.

It's a great place we've all been to several times now, the girls having gone with both primary and secondary schools a few times too. The teachers seem to like taking the children into the old schoolhouse and getting some of the school children to assume the punishments meeted out in those days such as wearing a flat board on their backs to get them to sit straight or to wear strange contraptions on their left hand to teach them to be right-handed. The girls enjoyed telling us about their school mates who had to endure these things for an hour or so.

Anyway, it was lovely seeing all the old houses having a good look around inside and imagining the lives of the the past owners.

Here we all are, minus me behind the camera

The only picture we managed to get of any of the old buildings

And us in this video enjoying a picnic and deciding to go for a coffee

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Look at the two posts below for a couple of other videos which wouldn't load onto this one.

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