Monday, 8 August 2011

Scout Returned

And she's back. Safe, sound and, as predicted, very tired.

Daughter#2 had a great time, mountain boarding, hiking and everything connected with camping. It rained but the first two days weren't too bad, getting very wet on the third. The tents are currently opened out in the scout hut drying off. No matter, scout's don't care about a little thing like rain, do they. I remember being worried about daughter#1 scout camping in the freezing cold but she enjoyed every minute of it, she told us when she returned.

D#2 wouldn't let me get a decent photo of her when she got back even though I'd been prepared to grab one when I could. Here those are

The other patrol leader who went with her, son of our good friends. They've known each other since birth.

The backpack she carried - my old one from over 20 years ago I travelled around Europe with, still in good nick, knew it was worth keeping.

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