Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Allotment Photos

Want to see how the allotment is doing? Here are some photos. All credit to the Chauffeur as the rest of us don't make it down there very often.

Rhubarb. Not ready to eat till next spring, it takes 3 years from re-planting to being viable to eat, to give it enough time to establish itself in the ground. This rhubarb came from the garden of my sister-in-law who inherited it from the previous occupier of her house. She doesn't like, Niece and Nephew don't like, we like so we have it. Cannot wait for those delicious rhubarb crumbles Daughter#1 will make us with those, she makes a GOOD crumble.

Think those are carrots of which we have had a very good harvest this year, and they have been a good size too. Even the carrot tops are eaten, though that's by the rabbit and guinea pigs who love them. Alongside are the raspberries which are finished for this season.

Leeks. Looks like some have fallen over.

Overview. Those sheds at the top belong to the allotment owner next to us. We've had a fairly good year weather-wise. Worrying at first as it was so dry but has been made up for with a mixture of sunshine and rain creating good conditions for veggie growers in this region.

The yellow bucket in the pic above, comes home regularly filled to the brim with good things to eat.

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