Saturday, 6 August 2011

Feeling Sad

I shouldn't be really. My little girl has gone on a scout camp and I miss her. Silly as she's been on a few already as has daughter # 1 as well as various sleepovers. I still miss them when they're gone. Daughter # 2 has been looking forward to going for ages and has had her backpack ready for weeks now, all packed very methodically, methodical is not a word usually associated with d#2, with each days outfit in a separate bag. 

It's a patrol leader camp and as she is one of the two patrol leaders this means she goes with two of the leaders meeting up with some other scout groups, doing exciting things such as mountain boarding. The patrol leaders have planned the meals, will set up their own tents and pretty much do it all themselves with the leaders supervising only.

She will be fine, I know that, and will return muddy and tired but happy. I'll be happy when she's back. Oh dear, what am I going to be like when my girls fly the nest...

Sadly I have no photos of d#2 on her way out so will leave you with this photograph taken the other day, she was wearing the same outfit with her scout shirt, neckerchief and woggle added.

And a back view, too.

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