Thursday, 13 February 2014

Floods, Floods and Yet More Floods

We've all been hearing about the awful time so many people have been experiencing recently with all this rain pouring out of the sky recently. Where has it all been coming from? Are we getting the fair share of those countries dry with parched grounds? It certainly feels like it. The rain doesn't affect us in any way, luckily but now the wind which has been battering the UK may do in a small way. The Chauffeur has been staying with his parents in France is due back tomorrow, apparently flights are not affected but trains are. He is returning from the airport via coach so we may be lucky if roads are still clear, a lot of people might turn to the road blocking them up more than usual if they eschew the railway but he should get back in time to celebrate the end of Valentine's Day with me, at least.

All news is flood news, it's been the main headline and the main topic discussed all day every day for weeks. Some spectacular pictures, storm chasers taking risks to watch and experience amazing waves. Understandable but dangerous, no consolation to downed home owners but look at this:

10's of 1,000's of homes still with no electricity, homes flooded and some ruined, roofs blown off, so much devastation. Spare a thought for those who have these times to go pass through before all is restored to normality. Much money will have been lost in the meantime, farmers selling up their livestock to protect them from being drowned, kitchens and furniture to replace, businesses losing custom. Not good. And more to come.The brief sunshine shining through must help but we need more, lots more, and no more rain to let the already well sodden ground soak up the water.

It will come, but not quick enough for so many. It's dry on the ground here now, we had snow but that's gone, threats of my city's river breaking and flowing up to a few streets away from here for the first time since the 1700's didn't happen as anticipated, how is where you are?

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