Monday, 24 February 2014

Crumbs, It's Gone

I wanted to show you the lovely cake I made a couple of days ago. An old fashioned Caraway Seed Cake, most recipes for seed cake these days are for poppy seed, often with lemon drizzle added, but I wanted to make the type I much prefer. Daughter#1 made one of these Poppy Seed with Lemon Drizzle cakes recently but to my mind the stronger flavour of this one with caraway is much nicer.

Anyway, as I said, I wanted to show it to you but by the time I got my camera out all that was left were - well - crumbs, but it was sooo nice. Oh, and take no notice of the recipe shown in the book next to it, Daughter#1 likes to change the page to show something else pretty and yummy looking every now and again, this was just the latest page for some coconut cup cakes.

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