Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful, One Two Three

1. The weather has taken a turn for the better.

2. We finally have a roof (temporary) and back door to close and protect the building in the extension which is still being built, this means that we can leave the house empty and all go out at the same time - that will be a strange feeling when we do. We will also be able to go to the goodbye camping trip to see off some emigrating friends.

3. (and the biggest) My lovely daughter#1 will be home tomorrow. She's been to Italy to stay with her Grampy for a week. She was going to go alone but in the end her cousin of the same age went out with her. I can't wait to hear their stories of what they did, where they went and who they saw. In the two phone conversations I've had with her the main thing which was discussed was what they had eaten. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised as it is my Dad she's staying with and she will have had his influence for a week. As with most Italians all his conversations turn to food if they don't start with it. Now I want to know the rest of the trip.

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Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I'm glad everything's going so well for you. Do tell us all about your daughter's time in Italy!